Color protests and traffic blockades in Berlin

“Away from fossil fuels towards fairness”

Supporters* of the last generation are calling for a socially just energy transition (c) Last Generation, additional pictures here.

Berlin, October 02.11.2023, 13, 00:XNUMX a.m – In Berlin, supporters of the last generation are reaffirming their demand for a socially just exit from oil, gas and coal through several traffic blockades in downtown Berlin, including at Rosenthalerplatz, Frankfurter Tor and Mehringdamm.

Using stencils and orange paint, the protesters sprayed the demand “Away from fossil fuels – towards fairness” onto the road. Orange handprints have been spray-painted around the sit-in.

Lea Maria Rhein, spokesperson for Last Generation explains: “Subsidies are a steering instrument and Olaf Scholz is steering us further and further into climate catastrophe with his fossil subsidies! That is why we are calling for a mass occupation of the Street of June 25.11.2023th and the Great Star on November 12th, 17 at XNUMX p.m.