EU elections

Our voices for the resistance in parliament,
our demands

Berlin, October 15.02.2024, 07, 00:XNUMX a.m – The other political association “Stirring up Parliament – ​​Voice of the Last Generation” (in short: Last Generation) has cleared the first hurdles for the EU elections. Within 6 hours of the announcement, the hoped-for €50.000 in donations were received. More than 100 supporters have now come forward to collect the 4.500 signatures required for approval to vote.

“While party politics is stuck on the fossil fuel highway towards collapse, we are now taking our resistance to the EU Parliament and are being supported by a wave of support. Within a short time, well over 100 supporters contacted us and have already started collecting the necessary signatures for approval to vote.”, is glad Lina Johnsen, which is the leading candidate as the voice of resistance for “Shaking up Parliament – ​​Voice of the Last Generation”. 

Theodore Schnarr explained: “We are at a point in human history where everything we love is at risk, and we must do everything peacefully possible to make resistance to the destruction of our civilization impossible to ignore. We are therefore standing for election with clear demands that show the prospect of a socially just and democratic change: strengthening democracy through social councils, the quickest and fairest possible exit from oil, gas and coal, and global justice. We place ourselves at the service of the movements for social and climate justice.”

The following voices of resistance are lined up for “shake up Parliament” in the EU elections:

1. Lina Johnsen, climate gluer, Leipzig 
2. Theodore Schnarr, climate adhesive, Greifswald
3. Carla Hinrichs, climate gluer, Bassum 
4. Raul Semmler, climate adhesive, Mannheim
5. Henning Jeschke, climate adhesive, Greifswald
6. Lars Werner, Climate Adhesive, Han. Münden
7. Christian Bläul, climate adhesive, Dresden
8. Jana Mestmäcker, Klimakleberin, Han. Münden
9. Marion Fabian, climate gluer, Berlin
10. Marlen Stolze, climate gluer, Berlin
11. Ulrich Matthias Trebs, climate adhesive; Mocker 
12. Martina Böhme, climate gluer, Potsdam

The voices of resistance are available for interviews. Further information about the other political association “Shaking up Parliament – ​​Voice of the Last Generation” can also be found on the new website: