Road blockades all over Berlin again

– We need a turning point
instead of just fairy tales, Mr. Scholz! –

Supporters of the last generation on the street in Berlin on September 25.09.2023th, XNUMX –
(c) Last generation

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Berlin, October 24.9.2023, 08, 15:XNUMX a.m – For the second week in a row, supporters of the Last Generation are blocking the morning rush hour traffic in Berlin today. On numerous traffic arteries in the capital, they sit on the road in bright orange high-visibility vests and hold up banners with the inscription: “Away from fossil fuels, towards fairness”. They make it clear: the transition away from the use of oil, gas and coal cannot be delayed any longer.

Simon Lachner, spokesman for Last Generation, takes part in today's protest and explains: “The world around us is burning and we can no longer ignore it. I simply cannot understand how our government can fool us into believing that it has the situation under control and at the same time add fuel to the fire. We have to get out of the fossils and to do that we need politicians to stop telling us fairy tales!"

Chancellor Scholz emphasized at the Climate Ambition Summit initiated by UN Secretary-General António Guterres in New York last week: “Our ambition to make 2023 a turning point for climate protection should be even greater.” He explained that Germany is already on the right track. [1]

Exactly a month ago, the Federal Government's Council of Experts once again emphasized that the government lacks a consistent overall concept when it comes to climate protection, that its assumptions deviate from reality, that it develops its measures with too little ambition and then, to make matters worse, glosses over these measures. [2]

Marion Fabian, Speaker:in the Last Generation emphasizes: “We are a long way from reaching the turning point that Chancellor Scholz is talking about and that we so urgently need now. But we can achieve the change that will prevent the collapse of the climate and thus our society. Away from fossil fuels and towards fairness. We just have to finally get started!"

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