Oil on the streets of Berlin

– “Fossil-free 2030” –

With oil and sit-ins, citizens are demanding an end to its use
of oil, gas and coal by 2030. More photos from today you here.

Berlin, October 02.10.2023nd, 08, 30:100 a.m. - Today, supporters of the last generation are protesting on Berlin's streets and highways to emphasize their demand for the absolutely necessary exit from fossil fuels. Rush hour traffic is interrupted by sit-ins at several motorway exits, including exits from the A113 at Britzer Damm and exits from the AXNUMX at the Anna Nemitz Bridge.

Some of the protesters underscored their peaceful protest this morning with black, viscous paint that they emptied from oil cans and which is now spread in front of and on them like a large oil carpet. Their hands, some of which are already stuck to the asphalt, are completely covered in oil and parts of their clothing, including their orange vests, are smeared black. Those sitting hold up signs and banners: “Fossil-free 2030” and “Away from fossil fuels – towards fairness”. 

Marion Faber, Last Generation spokesperson explains: “We have to get out of oil, gas and coal, worldwide and as quickly as possible. Governments can no longer get away with delaying the necessary exit and investing money in an industry that is killing us. It is time to peacefully resist the current deadly course.”

Unlike the mixture of paste and black carbon powder used on the streets today, the dirt and damage caused by real petroleum cannot be easily washed away. The consequences of the current political failure are costing human lives and societies and democracies around the world will sooner or later be pushed to their limits and beyond. The current IPCC report states: “Developments over this decade are crucial for the extent of the damage from the climate crisis now and in the next millennia.” [1]

Lea Maria Rhein, speaker of the Last Generation, explains: “We have to get out of fossil fuels as quickly as possible, but at the latest by 2030. We need a political and social turning point in order to even begin to contain the catastrophes that lie ahead. Politicians can now take countermeasures, but the window of opportunity to do so is rapidly closing."

[1] IPCC report, p.4, www.de-ipcc.de/media/content/Hauptaussagen_AR6-SYR.pdf