Objection to preventive detention lodged

– Protest for constitutional goals
is legitimate and allowed
not be locked away -

Munich, September 08.09.2023, 12, 00:XNUMX a.m – The Last Generation lodged an objection this Friday at 09:54 a.m. against the preventive detention of Solvig Schinköthe (42) and Miriam Meyer (32). After peaceful protests against the government's failure in the climate crisis, the two women have been held in the Stadelheim prison for eight and seven days, respectively. Both are expected to remain locked up there for a whole month to prevent them from further protests.

The Last Generation lodged an objection against this at the Munich District Court today. Protests against the government's unconstitutional behavior in the climate crisis must not simply be "locked away." 

Prof. Dr. Markus Krajewski, professor of public law and international law at the University of Nuremberg, co-authored the complaint against preventive detention. He was also a co-initiator of the open letter in which over 60 constitutional lawyers urged the government to adopt constitutional policies and criticized the way politicians dealt with the last generation. [1]

Krajewski comments on preventive detention in Bavaria as follows: “30 days of preventive detention are always disproportionate and therefore unconstitutional. The use of this measure against people who are peacefully protesting for more - constitutionally required - climate protection is completely absurd and incompatible with a free, democratic basic order."

Also the human rights organization Amnesty International Germany expressed himself accordingly critically: “Imprisoning people for weeks to prevent them from taking part in protests is neither compatible with the rule of law nor with human rights. This is obviously not about averting danger, but rather about deterrence. And in a constitutional state that must not be the answer to peaceful protest."[2]

It is expected that the Munich District Court will not remedy the complaint and the matter will be transferred to the Munich Regional Court today. The last generation is hoping for a decision as quickly as possible, perhaps in the coming days.