Invitation press conference:

“A new chapter in resistance will begin”

Dear press representatives,

We hereby invite you to a Last Generation press conference:

  • Monday, January 11.03.2024, 10 at 00:XNUMX p.m
  • In front of Bellevue Palace (in Berlin)
  • Possibility to participate in the PK via Zoom:

In the last two months things have become quieter around the last generation. You noticed that we used the time to discuss, evaluate and decide on strategy changes. We already described our rough new strategy to you at the end of January. Now we have planned everything in detail. In a few hours our website will be taken offline and revised. 
From Monday things really start again. On this day we will usher in a new chapter of resistance.

The topics of the press conference will be:

  • The new demand of the last generation: We call on Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to stand behind the content of a declaration by the last generation, which is about the climate catastrophe, unsustainable social inequality and the threat to our democracy.
  • Protests in the next weeks and months.

Speakers will include:

  • Carla Hinrichs
  • Rolf Meyer (graduate physicist and speaker of the last generation)
  • Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Froitzheim (geologist and supporter of the last generation)

There will be an opportunity to ask questions afterwards. We will answer the questions on site first and then the questions asked via Zoom.