Double wow for the last generation

– Major donors supported
Last generation –

Berlin, October 13.09.2023, 15, 00:XNUMX a.m  – At the beginning of the indefinite protests in Berlin, the Last Generation is receiving support from a major donor who will double all donations received from 14 p.m. today until 00 p.m. tomorrow. Over 14 were donated in the first hour of the fundraising campaign. The donation goal is 20.000 euros, which will then be doubled to 100.000 euros.

Theodore Schnarr, spokesman for Last Generation, explains: “Our open-ended protest in Berlin relies on many people getting involved in a variety of ways: hanging up posters, distributing flyers, cooking food, taking part in protest marches and traffic blockades. Another option is to donate money to us to finance our protest. We are pleased about the support of Peter Denk and everyone who supports us through small and large donations. Peter Denk's doubling of donations gives our street protests double the power. "

Peter Denk, entrepreneur from Baden-Württemberg explains his motivation:
“I actually don’t like sticking to roads. However, every other form of dialogue and protest has so far been ignored by our government. Climate change has the potential to destroy the future of our economy and society.

It is unacceptable that our government continues to ignore this threat despite clear scientific evidence. We entrepreneurs in particular should live up to our responsibility towards our companies and society out of our own interest. For this reason I have decided to support this fundraising campaign.

"For us, this financial support means that we can take our protests to the streets even more decisively, for longer and more effectively.”says Speaker Theodore Schnarr. "We will continue to protest in Berlin until Chancellor Scholz finally initiates the overdue change. "

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