German-French protest on the Europa Bridge

Together for a vibrant democracy

Supporters of the last generation and of
Riposte Alimentaire meet on the Europa Bridge
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Kehl, Strasbourg, February 24.02.2024, 15, 10:XNUMX p.m – The European Bridge between Kehl and Strasbourg became the scene of German-French friendship today. Supporters of the Last Generation started in Kehl, supporters of the French sister movement Riposte Alimentaire in Strasbourg with a protest march over the Europe Bridge to the neighboring country. At the head of the protest marches the common demand is emblazoned on large banners: “Stop deadly global warming – together!” in German and French.
Just above the national border, climbers from both countries abseiled from the Europa Bridge and hoisted another banner with the same call in English: “Stop deadly global warming – together”.

The protesters make it clear: the commitment to socially just climate protection and thus for all of our basic rights, for justice and humanity, does not stop at our own national borders. International alliances are being formed around the world to protect all of our livelihoods and show alternatives to the current catastrophic course of the world's governments.

Renate Fritzsch (51), who is taking part in the protest march from Germany to France as a supporter of the Last Generation, emphasizes:
“Our protest today is not only directed at the governments of our two countries, but is above all a call to people in Germany and France to look to the future with honesty, courage and hope.
We are facing major upheavals, an unprecedented challenge - but the necessary tools have long been developed, we know that the change towards a fossil-free, socially just future is possible.
Today’s protest is an invitation: Let’s tackle this together!”.

Riposte Alimentaire and the Last Generation explain together: “We unite in calling on our political leaders to recognize the urgency of the climate catastrophe and to take the necessary measures to protect the population. 
We, people from Germany and France, stand on the side of hope, solidarity and justice. We will not allow the greed of a few to destroy what we hold most dear: our lives and those of our children and grandchildren.”

The Last Generation and Riposte Alimentaire are part of the A22 network. Together with movements from ten other countries, they are committed to a vibrant democracy that can master the social change away from fossil fuels and towards fairness.

You can find out more about the A22 network here.