“The elephant in the room”

– Protests in places of destruction and injustice –

Supporters of the last generation spray a private jet on Sylt on June 06.06.2023th, XNUMX. (c) Last generation 

Berlin, March 21.03.2024, XNUMX – There is an elephant in the room. The climate catastrophe threatens all of our livelihoods, our coexistence and, more specifically, millions of human lives - and yet it continues to be fueled.

The Last Generation will therefore begin a protest campaign in places of destruction and injustice in the next few days. 

Lina Johnsen, Last Generation spokesperson explains: “We finally need to be honest about what is massively endangering our democracy and millions of human lives. With a wave of protests at critical points of fossil fuel corporations, airports, fossil fuel infrastructure and other places of destruction and injustice, we will make the elephant in the room visible. " 

Important debates that now need to be held among the population are being hushed up. The catastrophe, the suffering that already exists today and is increasing every day, the decisions we have to make - they are the elephant in the room that we push out of our everyday lives and prefer to ignore - until it is too late. 

For years, one wake-up call after another has been heard without our government taking the catastrophe seriously and acting appropriately. Most recently, the alarming report from the European Environment Agency faded away without any significant reaction from politicians, as did the current report from the World Meteorological Organization. [1][2]

Instead of switching to crisis mode, fossil fuel infrastructure will continue to be built, such as liquid gas terminals and highways. Instead of openly acknowledging that politics is pushing us all over the cliff into the climate disaster of soon-to-be-unstoppable global warming, we are being deceived and tricked. Most recently with the report from the federal government and the Federal Environment Agency, which nicely calculates the current climate policy disaster by taking into account measures “that were canceled months ago and definitely will not come”, which the German Environmental Aid drew attention to. [3] 

The campaign of protests in places of destruction and injustice to make the elephant in the room visible is the third protest pillar of the Last Generation.

With the Disobedient Assemblies as the first pillar, we bring our everyday protest to the streets with as many fellow citizens as possible. The start last Saturday with around 1500 participants in 10 cities nationwide already showed that our calculations are working: significantly more people took part in this form of protest than in our superglue road blockades.

The second pillar of our peaceful protests is the confrontation of politicians and those responsible, who we will no longer allow to use their podiums to greenwash and whitewash the catastrophic situation. 

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