Federal President Steinmeier promises to read the last generation's declaration

At the Leipzig Book Fair today, supporters of the Last Generation asked Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier whether he supports the content of the Last Generation's declaration entitled: “Hand on heart – democracy needs honesty”. The Federal President promised to read the declaration of the last generation and then decide whether he would support its contents and sign it.

The declaration bluntly addresses the great dangers for our democratic society, which politicians prefer to suppress or relativize. These are the escalating climate catastrophe, the increasing fascism and the intolerable social injustice in the country. If these crises are to be combated really effectively, political bans on thinking must be broken down. For example, we have to talk about the fact that in the future the distribution of limited goods cannot only work through price regulation, but that rationing of overconsumption by the rich will also be necessary. Otherwise the current situation will continue to worsen, with poor people sitting in cold apartments while rich people heat their villas with indoor pools. 

In order to be able to seriously conduct these debates about solutions, we as a society need politicians who speak honestly about the current crises and do not sugarcoat them. The Federal President is called upon to set a good example here. 
"If I already have it, I will read it and then decide.“, promised Mr. Steinmeier addressed by Lina Johnsen whether he would sign the declaration. Here for the video.

We actually sent our statement to Mr. Steinmeier in printed form when it was published on March 11th. To be absolutely sure that Mr. Steinmeier can keep his promise, we will send it to him again tomorrow.

"We are very excited to see whether Mr. Steinmeier will have the courage to stand behind our statement.", explained Lina Johnsen, speaker of the Last Generation.

Here is the explanation: lastgeneration.org/explanation/