Brandenburg Gate colored orange again

– National monument now also a memorial for failure in the climate catastrophe –

Regina Stephan paints a pillar of the Brandenburg Gate with orange paint and a brush
(c) Last generation.

Berlin, June 16.11.2023, 14, 10:XNUMX a.m – With brushes and glasses full of orange paint, last generation supporters went to the Brandenburg Gate today and began painting the western side of the national monument orange. Just like they announced exactly four weeks ago. 

Regina Stephen, which is coloring the monument for the second time today, explains: β€œIf the last generation has its way, the Brandenburg Gate will remain orange until Germany stops burning oil, gas and coal. Or at least until the government shows that it is seriously striving for a socially just transition away from fossils.”

β€œThe orange color at the Brandenburg Gate is a memorial. It is a reminder of the government's failure to protect our livelihoods. It is a memorial to the millions of people who will pay with their lives for our hesitation. And last but not least, it is a memorial to all the people who are already suffering and dying from this completely avoidable crisis.”, explained Regina Stephen continues to be the motivation behind today's protest.

But the colored monument doesn't just serve as a warning. Lilly Gomez, who is also involved in today's protest, adds: β€œThe Brandenburg Gate stands like no other monument in Germany for great, hopeful turning points in history. We are protesting because we know that the transition away from fossil fuels and towards fairness is possible. The bright color on the Brandenburg Gate is intended to ignite the spark of hope that we all need in order to move towards a fair, livable future.”

While the eastern side of the Brandenburg Gate is still just scaffolded to erase the unpleasantly accusatory orange traces on the monument, new, fresh brushstrokes are now shining on its western side. They point in the direction of the Great Star, which is located on 25.11. Supporters of the last generation together with Scientist Rebellion and parents against the fossil industry to the next Mass occupation gather to demand a socially just transition away from fossils.