Brandenburg Gate remains orange

Memorial in the heart of Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate on Sunday, September 17.9th. shortly after Last Generation supporters sprayed it with orange warning paint (c) Last Generation

We can clear up the numerous speculations about when the Brandenburg Gate will be free of the orange warning paint again: The Brandenburg Gate remains orange.
The life-threatening failure of our government cannot simply be brushed aside.

In the heart of the capital, the orange-colored monument reminds the federal government of its obligation: to initiate the necessary shift away from oil, gas and coal now in order to protect all of our livelihoods. A towering memorial that breaks through our everyday lives and shows every day: We are in the middle of the climate catastrophe and cannot allow ourselves to “continue like this”. 

At the same time, the gate lights up orange as a symbol of hope and a sign of the departure towards a fair, livable future. The Brandenburg Gate is Berlin's most famous landmark and, like no other monument in Germany, stands for great, hopeful turning points in history. It reminds us powerfully that change is possible. 

So the color still serves its purpose. Or in the words of a historian Hedwig Richter: the coloring represents one “worthy use of our national monument” She can't think of a better one at the moment. [1]

Regardless of whether we use fire extinguishers, paint buckets or brushes – we will continue to paint the Brandenburg Gate orange until the socially just transition away from the use of oil, gas and coal is initiated.

[1] Historian: “Worthy use of our national monument” | BR24