Summary of the first disobedient assemblies

– Resistance spring begins with lots of sunshine and some rain –

Good atmosphere at a disobedient gathering in Karlsruhe.
(c) Last generation  More pictures here.

This weekend the first disobedient gatherings took place in 10 cities. It was also new and a bit exciting for us as the last generation. Now we are drawing a very positive conclusion after the first disobedient gatherings! 

The disobedient gatherings were wonderfully colorful and beautiful protests in almost every city, accessible to people of all ages. Each city had its own little peculiarities. In Munich, for example, the disobedient gathering was supported by a “Critical Mass” bicycle demonstration, in Regensburg the Parents for Future were on the streets as supporters and in Stuttgart there was a protest with picnic blankets and banners in the airport terminal.
Around 1500 people across Germany took part in the protests, which finally demanded more honesty and justice from politicians. Specifically, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier should make a start here by supporting a corresponding declaration. 

"The disobedient gatherings last Saturday were a huge success for us! Many people who had previously felt unable to take part in our protests have used the opportunity to finally demand more honesty and justice from our politicians.", is glad Theodore Schnarr, speaker of the Last Generation.  

Only Berlin stood out as a black sheep. Here, politicians and the police apparently intended to prevent protests at all costs, freedom of assembly or not. With 220 police officers deployed, the approximately 130 protesters were immediately dragged off the street, without paying much attention to their physical integrity. Undeterred, the supporters of the Last Generation continued their rally afterwards in the police circle and some also made it back onto the street. There is no match for the spirit of resistance of people who stand up for their basic rights. 

Lina Johnsen, Speaker of the Last Generation: “We are wondering how the Federal President we spoke to will react to our protests. We have gained a lot of new energy in the last few months and from now on we will be seen more often on the streets and squares of the Republic."

The next disobedient gatherings are already planned, including on March 23.03rd. in Essen, April 06.04th. in Münster and April 13.04th. In Dusseldorf.