Berlin Marathon disrupted

Turmoil and color on the running track

Color on the running route of the Berlin Marathon on September 24.09.2023th, XNUMX - (c) Last generation

Berlin, October 24.09.2023, 10, 45:XNUMX a.m – Supporters of the last generation caused confusing scenes before the start of the Berlin Marathon. Two minutes before the starting signal, several protesters got to both sides of the running route between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column. They poured orange paint on a large area of ​​the road and were then pushed to the ground by security forces in front of hundreds of spectators. Shortly before, a red banner that they had carried with them was unrolled by the protesters: “It’s time to turn”

Rolf Meyer (56), physicist and press spokesman for the Last Generation, explains today's protest: “We are just as sorry to interrupt the everyday life of the tradesman driving to work as we are to prevent runners from taking part in the marathon undisturbed. But we are in dire straits. We cannot afford to carry on as if nothing were wrong. Any further delay in the urgently needed turnaround costs human lives. That’s why we’re taking our protest to all areas of society.”

For the 48.000 participants in the marathon, large amounts of red paint remained on the running route when the event did start. The images taken by the photographers present showed tumultuous scenes, protesters being detained by police officers and gallons of paint in front of the waiting field for the running event [1] [2].

Among the protesters was also Yannick Seuthe (24): “Tennis ball-sized hailstones, deadly heat and raging flash floods - it's all happened this summer, and it all terrifies me. Neither barrier tape nor general orders nor huge police contingents like today at the Berlin Marathon can protect us from this. Only an immediate exit from fossil fuels can give us the protection we need"

Carla Hinrichs (26), press spokeswoman for the Last Generation, adds: “We have to get out of the 'higher, faster, further' mindset that has led us to the current crisis. That's why we interrupt everyday life. You cannot run away from the climate catastrophe. But you can stop them. Let's finally get started. "

[2] Berlin Marathon: “Last Generation” smears the route at the start