A12 blockade The Hague on Saturday September 30, 2023

– The climate catastrophe does not stop at borders –

Water cannons were often used to clear the blockades on the A12
for use – (c) Paul Buckley

100 Last Generation people support Extinction Rebellion in The Hague: “The climate catastrophe doesn’t stop at borders, so climate protection shouldn’t stop there either.” 

On Saturday September 30, 2023, 100 Last Generation supporters will travel to The Hague to join the A12 blockade.
For almost three weeks, Extinction Rebellion has been calling for the blockade of the highway in front of the Dutch parliament every day, and hundreds, sometimes thousands, of citizens have been gathering there every day.
A large turnout is also expected on this fourth Saturday of the ongoing A12 blockades. The fact that the A12 blockades are also gaining popularity outside the Netherlands strengthens Extinction Rebellion in its resistance to the almost 40 billion euros in fossil fuel subsidies every year. [1] 
Spokesman Lucas Winnips announces: “We will be back every day at lunchtime until the government ends fossil fuel subsidies.” 

Carla Hinrichs, Last Generation speaker explains: “Fossil fuel subsidies and governments lying about their deadly consequences are a global problem. The German government is investing billions in oil, gas and coal while claiming to be doing everything in its power to combat climate change. This is exactly what is happening in the Netherlands, what is basically happening worldwide. All over the world, especially in the global south, people are suffering from the consequences of the climate catastrophe. It is absurd that Western governments are still fueling this crisis with hundreds of billions a year in fossil fuel subsidies.”

She further emphasizes: “This criminal policy must end – and it can be ended if we all work together. The climate catastrophe does not stop at the borders, so climate protection should not stop there either. That’s why we will join the protests in The Hague.”

Water cannons no longer in use since court order 

On Monday, September 25, 2023, Extinction Rebellion Netherlands announced that it would initiate urgent proceedings against the Dutch state to ban the use of water cannons in the A12 blockades. This summary trial will take place on Tuesday, October 3, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. at the Palace of Justice in The Hague. Remarkably, the Hague police have not used a single water cannon since the announcement of this fast-track procedure. There was also hardly any police on duty on Wednesday, September 27, 2023, so Extinction Rebellion was able to block the A12 tunnel like last year. According to a spokesman for the city of The Hague have now “other priorities take precedence”. [2]

Extinction Rebellion

XR is a global citizens' movement committed to preserving life on Earth. XR supporters use peaceful, creative and disruptive actions to put pressure on governments to take action on the climate and environmental crisis. Since its founding in 2018, XR has become one of the fastest growing citizen movements in the world. It brings together ordinary people from all parts of the country and of all ages. In the Netherlands, a large majority is concerned about the lives of current and future generations. We see this trend reflected in our movement; More local XR groups are becoming active every month.

Starting from the fundamental demand of CLIMATE JUSTICE FOR ALL, XR makes three demands of the government:

  1. Be honest about the climate crisis and the ecological catastrophe that threatens our survival. Raise awareness among people about the need for comprehensive change.
  2. Act NOW to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025. Do this in a fair manner.
  3. Let CITIZENS decide on a just transition by establishing a Citizens' Council to take a leading role in decision-making.

Further information about Extinction Rebellion Netherlands:

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