600.000 euros in donations for a shift towards climate justice

Crowdfunding for resistance
the last generation successful

Screenshot fundraising campaign September 15.09.20023, 14, XNUMX p.m.:

Berlin, October 15.09.2023, 14, 25:XNUMX a.m – The Last Generation’s “All for the Turning Point” fundraising campaign ended today at 14 p.m. The targeted donation goal of 100.000 euros was exceeded three times and will be doubled to a total of 600.000 euros by major donors.

Rolf Meyer (56), spokesman for the Last Generation, explains: “I am touched by how successful our crowdfunding campaign is. This shows how strong the population's support for the last generation is and how many people understand the drama and urgency of the climate catastrophe and support our protest."

The original fundraising goal of 100.000 euros, announced with the help of the Baden-Württemberg entrepreneur and long-time supporter of the Last Generation, Peter Denk, was reached within a few hours. Because two additional major donors joined the campaign, the donation target was increased to 300.000 euros, so that a total of 600.000 euros in donations were raised for the open-ended protests of the Last Generation in Berlin.

Over 4.000 people showed solidarity with the protest movement in the last 48 hours with individual donations of between five and 5.000 euros. The money will be used to enable the indefinite protests in Berlin that began on Wednesday.

Rolf Meyer: “We would like to thank all donors from the bottom of our hearts for making our protests possible thanks to their small and large donations. It is still possible to support us with donations, but also practically on the street by organizing events and much more. We invite everyone to take part in our protests for a fundamental change - away from fossil fuels by 2030 and towards more justice. "

Donations to the Last Generation are still possible via our website, but are currently no longer being matched by major donors: lastgeneration.org/donate/

For donors who consider it important to donate to a charitable cause, this account is available for recurring monthly donations. The donations are used to support people who have reduced their professional activity in order to instead support the concerns of the last generation in a charitable manner: gesellschaftsrat.jetzt/donate/

From next Monday there will be massive traffic restrictions due to sit-ins and last generation protest marches in the greater Berlin area. The aim of the protests is a rapid exit from fossil fuels - by 2030 at the latest. The window of opportunity in which something can be done to counteract the climate catastrophe is rapidly closing. The protests in Berlin will continue until the turning point is reached and the federal government takes the issue appropriately seriously.

The following already applies: every additional ton of CO2 emitted brings us a little closer to the point at which the climate collapses completely. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's latest synthesis report describes the need for immediate change. What is needed are “rapid, deep and, in most cases, immediate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions across all sectors this decade” [1].

[1] www.de-ipcc.de/media/content/Hauptaussagen_AR6-SYR.pdf , p.3