Open letter to universities

We students mark universities across the country with warning colors at the start of the semester. The reason: It's time for a turning point.

The science is clear.

One academic paper after another describes the destruction that lies ahead: hundreds of millions are starving, billions of people are being forced to leave their homes. Students and young people face a future of global economic collapse, war and social collapse.

Universities have a moral obligation to take a stand against our government's destructive policies that are hurtling us further toward climate catastrophe. 

The country's universities must work for a political change. If they don't, they legitimize the government's crime.

Our universities have failed to tell the truth about what happened and have failed to uphold their duty of care to their students.

Students are now taking responsibility for their future.

More and more young people do not want to simply continue to accept the government's course.
We will continue to protest until the federal government phases out fossil fuels. To avert the worst consequences, this must happen by 2030. 

We need a political change that finally takes the necessary steps: 

Away from fossil fuels – towards fairness!

The last generation before the climate tipping points.

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