1400 during mass occupation of the Straße des 17. Juni

October 28.10.2023th, 17, mass occupation on the Street of June XNUMXth | Photo: (c) Last generation
October 28.10.2023th, 17, mass occupation on the Street of June XNUMXth | Photo: (c) Last generation

Berlin, June 28.10.2023, 12, 55:XNUMX a.m – A swarm of orange high-visibility vests together with the colorful banners of various climate justice groups appeared from the green of the Tiergarten a few minutes ago and moved towards the Straße des 17. Juni. Hundreds of supporters from the last generation, together with other civil society organizations, have just occupied the large boulevard in the heart of Berlin.

Simon Lachner, solar engineer and Last Generation speaker: “We have gathered here today to make it clear that we can no longer tolerate the failure of our government. We, that is, hundreds of supporters from the last generation, shoulder to shoulder with civil society organizations such as Seebrücke Berlin, Parents Against the Fossil Industry, Scientist Rebellion and Extinction Rebellion Netherlands. We are all here to demand: 'Away from fossil fuel destruction towards a more just society!'

In total, today's mass occupation has 1.400 participants. It is the largest of all protests of the last generation to date.

There is a special reason why the Dutch from Extinction Rebellion are guests today. Four weeks ago, around 100 Last Generation supporters were in The Hague to support the activists of the Extinction Rebellion group in their blockade of the A12.

Since then a lot has happened. For 27 consecutive days of protest, Extinction Rebellion, with sometimes thousands of demonstrators, paralyzed the A12 and demanded: Stop the fossil subsidies! After the committed citizens were not deterred by the water cannons or the total of 9000 arrests, politicians finally gave in. The Dutch parliament has now started to implement their demand and has ordered the government to present a plan to phase out all fossil fuel subsidies by the end of the year.

Extinction Rebellion has subsequently broken the blockades and is now monitoring this process very closely, ready to protest again should the need arise.

The Dutch have proven that peaceful civil resistance can initiate the change that we so urgently need in the face of the climate catastrophe. It is perhaps the only and certainly the best opportunity for our society to turn things around. With mass occupations similar to those in the Netherlands, their success should now be brought to Germany.

The The date for the next mass occupation has already been set: Saturday, November 25.11th, 12 p.m. The gathering will then expand beyond the Street of June 17th to the Great Star.

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