Love & Anger ⛓ Letter from Prison

Lennart Wenzel | Photo: (c) Marlene Charlotte Limburg
Lennart Wenzel
Photo: (c) Marlene Charlotte Limburg

Dear Ones,  

Love and anger are the two big drivers that have brought me back into preventive custody. (Actually, these were the federal government, the Bavarian police and judiciary, but that is a different topic.)

Love for you, my friends, confidants, relatives, my loved ones.

Love for freedom, in which we can already live with our privilege and which we want for all people on earth.

Love for nature, in which we love to move and which we enjoy together so much.

All of these things are in existential danger, threatened by the climate catastrophe that we are hurtling toward and still accelerating. And that's where the anger comes from, which almost makes me throw this pen at the wall. The anger at the federal government and the governments of the world, who are obliged to protect us and our loved ones.

Who even swore an oath to do so.

Anger at the generations before us who so studiously ignored all warnings and anger at our society today, which knows everything but still doesn't draw any conclusions from it.

This applies to me as well, as I have struggled for years with this injustice that we as a society perpetuate and reinforce.

I'm angry with myself for coming out of my powerlessness so late and only starting to stand up to injustice this year.

Lennart on the day he was taken into custody. | Photo: (c) Jonas Ertle
Lennart on the day he was taken into custody.
Photo: (c) Jonas Ertle

And then there is also this anger, the power of which I am least able to use, which I try most desperately to suppress: anger at you.

How can I be angry with you when you are there for me when I feel bad, when you understand why I put up this resistance, support it and even thank you for it?

I believe this anger comes from the realization that the resistance will not work without you. That I cannot do it for you, that I cannot take the insults and hatred for you.

Because that is what resistance is supposed to achieve, to avert harm, also from myself but above all from you, your loved ones and all other people who will still live on this planet.

If you, who have endured the drama of the situation, do not join the resistance, who will?

It's hard for me to be angry with you, because I myself continued for such an incredibly long time, even though I knew full well that things couldn't continue like this.

I stayed in my everyday life, tried to convince myself that it would be enough to have an opinion and spread it in my everyday life and sometimes perhaps even express it at a demonstration. I want to tell myself that you just need a little more time until you get to the point on your own that took me so long to get to. But we don't have the exact time that I want you to have.

If we want to preserve our livelihoods, we have to do it now, otherwise it will soon be too late.

This letter is a cry for help and a request that the next time you think about the future, not to ignore the climate catastrophe, but to be aware that the decisions we make today will determine whether our children are free and... Will live in peace or in an unleashed climate catastrophe.

Do you really want to stand by and watch oil companies and the super rich make these decisions or do you want to take my hand and stand with me against the destruction and against injustice?

The world needs you. 

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