Extreme weather in Nuremberg: Climate crisis interrupts protest: “We don’t have to block, the climate crisis will take over for us”

Nuremberg August 17.8.2023, 19, 30:XNUMX p.m. – Extreme rain is currently flooding the streets of Nuremberg. Cellars and subway shafts are full of water, and the city is in a state of emergency. Supporters of the last generation have brought traffic in Nuremberg to a standstill since this morning in order to bring the climate crisis to the public and demand appropriate measures from the federal government. The determined supporters of the Last Generation have decided to interrupt their protest in Nuremberg in this situation.

“We no longer need to block roads to disrupt our everyday lives. “The climate catastrophe is already beginning to destroy our everyday lives and is giving us a foretaste of what will happen if our federal government doesn’t act now,” says Svenja Schraut (19) from Passau, and reports that the police have turned away from their protest to support emergencies.

She goes on to say clearly: “I was absolutely determined to take to the streets now and block them. But we see that the climate catastrophe is taking over for us. The streets are flooded, it is complete chaos in Nuremberg. The police headquarters is drowning.”

The climate crisis is now. Nobody can close their eyes to it. We call on all citizens who are worried that the next storm will flood their basement or that their child will be hit by a branch to join the last generation.

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