“Even locked up, I feel free” ⛓ Letter from prison

Hello out there!

I send you greetings from JVA CB. I'm doing well so far. Overall, I am treated well here and my mirror medications are clarified. Since there were already questions, yes, I have a toilet with a toilet seat. A prison is a huge authority and every fart requires applications. You can imagine this being about as fun as doing a tax return. For this reason, boredom is not a problem.

Kevin Hecht | Photo: (c) Marlene Charlotte
Kevin Hecht
Photo: (c) Marlene Charlotte

Even locked up, I feel free. When I walk in the yard, I can walk my feet through the grass and a few wildflowers. I observed how beautifully the seeds of a dandelion were lost in the wind after a gust. I can run my hand through lavender, take in its scent and let it carry me away. One day I lay on a bench to watch clouds and swallows nesting on a spotlight on the facade. Just as I heard “bath water” from Bapsi Rabies in my head, the first drizzle drops hit me.

This morning I meditated in the rain. I slept a lot most days. This is also a luxury, being able to be active as an activist practically in your sleep. At times it turns into depression. But a daily plan, meditation and exercise help a lot.

Thank you for the first letters! Greetings like those from Italy and Austria are not just reinforcement. They also bring back great memories for me that I can draw on in prison. Like my hike from Munich to Venice.

With other letters everything seems even more unreal and I feel small in my little cell. It is thanks to dozens of people that I have the strength to be in prison. So many people who are working their asses off to make this protest possible.

Thank you for the encouragement and appreciation. They also go to the many great people outside these walls.

However, it also occurs to me that I have broken a promise with my decisions.

It was always a great pleasure for me to lead 'The Web of Life' during training sessions.
I draw a lot of encouragement from this bond, even in prison.

In a letter I was told how a person advocates for trans people. The meaning of this work is questionable in view of the climate catastrophe.

Flinta*s who fight are Flinta*s who live! Tin people even more so!

I am non-binary and it is nothing short of a joy for me to be housed in a men's prison run by a Flinta person.

I'm currently struggling to make law enforcement officers understand what emergency medications are. There is no point in taking these in the evening as a preventive measure.
Above all, it is absolutely counterproductive if I have to debate with a judicial employee at night and haggle over individual pills.

The prison doctor even confirmed that I was allowed to have some things in my cell that would help me and calm me down. Like a sweater! Nevertheless, my application was rejected. However, I brought my nail scissors into my cell without comment. The scissors were not criticized even during a cell search.

Well, otherwise it always helps to get on good terms with people. But vegan food is still an issue.

Even if I wake up in the night soaked in sweat and hardly know where I am, I can step to my window. Grab the metal bars there. Then I realize that being in prison is affirming. Because peaceful civil disobedience is necessary and effective. Because the German federal government continues to break our constitution with its fossil fuel policy.

That's why we need a social council now to make a future worth living possible.

Remain disobedient


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