Norisring DTM race interrupted – stop racing towards climate catastrophe

09.07.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX - Last Generation supporter spills oil on the race track. Photo: (c) Last generation
09.07.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX - Last Generation supporter spills oil on the race track.
Photo: (c) Last generation

Nuremberg, July 09.07.2023th, 14 00:XNUMX p.m. - Climate activists from Extinction Rebellion Racing and Last Generation are currently interrupting the DTM race at the Norisring in Nuremberg in front of one hundred thousand fans. They are calling on the federal government to stop racing towards climate catastrophe.

Several people in orange high-visibility vests went onto the race track within sight of the Apha grandstand. Once there, they poured orange-colored oil onto the road. The start of the DTM main race, which was supposed to start at 13:30 p.m., was delayed.

Felix Kleinknecht, spokesman for Extinction Rebellion Racing, states: “It is a moment, just a moment, in which we turn all eyes away from the roaring racing cars and towards the increasingly threatening global warming. All of our demands to finally ban this climate-damaging race with its fatal full-throttle message were rejected. That’s why we pressed stop – for a moment.”

Theodore Schnarr, spokesman for the Last Generation, says about the campaign: “Continuing on the fossil racetrack is already costing human lives. With our protest we are showing that things cannot and must not continue like this: Full speed ahead into the climate catastrophe? Not with us! In view of storms, heat and droughts as the first harbingers of the impending catastrophe, it is completely irresponsible not to step on the brakes now.”

Photo: (c) Last generation
Photo: (c) Last generation

He emphasizes: “Our government is breaking the Constitution if it does not do everything necessary to stop the irreversible crossing of climate tipping points.”

This week was probably the hottest on record. Monday's global heat record was exceeded several times in the following days. Klima scientist Friederike Otto spoke of one “Death sentence for people and ecosystems”. Numerous scientists are specifically denouncing the federal government's unconstitutional course, which is continually fueling the climate catastrophe. [1] [2]

Photo: (c) Last generation
Photo: (c) Last generation

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