Imprisoned after peaceful protest

31.07.2023, 10: 00 – Today ends the hottest month on record on record. Kevin Hecht (31) will spend the next month locked up in prison because he peacefully resisted further fueling the catastrophe and thus the wanton destruction of all of our livelihoods.

Kevin Hecht was convicted of resisting law enforcement officers for supergluing his hand to the pavement during a Last Generation protest. An accusation that is otherwise often rejected by the responsible judges. When the penalty order was issued and sent, Kevin was in Sweden to oppose everyday fossil fuels and was in custody there for 15 days for taking part in a peaceful road blockade. 

This morning he will begin his sentence in the Cottbus-Dissenchen correctional facility. In advance he makes an appeal to his fellow human beings:

“I will continue my resistance in prison. Together we can save our future from collapse, but that requires people to stand in the way of destruction. Stop watching how our basic law, our right to life, is trampled on. Get active, there are so many options.”

Kevin Hecht | Photo: (c) Marlene Charlotte
Kevin Hecht | Photo: (c) Marlene Charlotte

Kevin Hecht had very bad experiences in pre-trial detention in Sweden, as well as in preventive detention in Landshut for another protest. Nevertheless, he consciously decided to serve prison time. The verdict “resistance” does not unsettle him, but rather strengthens him in his actions.

“In a world where the rules pave the way for injustice and destruction, resisting also means potentially going to prison. I cannot support the current destructive course of our government.”

The dramatic consequences of man-made global warming have long been evident. The window of opportunity to intervene before irretrievable limits are exceeded is rapidly closing. It is up to all of us as a society whether we manage to initiate the necessary change in time. 
The resistance of groups and organizations worldwide is fueled by desperation in the face of the escalating catastrophe, but also and above all by hope. Historically, it has been shown time and again that great injustice can be ended through peaceful resistance from society, and today we continue to rely on the protest to trigger long-overdue change. Our survival depends on it and a better world for all is possible. 

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