36 sit-ins in 26 cities – protest against government violations of the law

July 14.07.2023, XNUMX - Supporters of the Last Generation dressed as Habeck, Scholz & Wissing block a street in Braunschweig. Photo: (c) Last generation

July 14.07.2023, 8, Berlin, 00:XNUMX a.m – The federal government is launching a transparency campaign across the country today. Today, Olaf Scholz, Volker Wissing and Robert Habeck publicly acknowledge their violation of the Climate Protection Act and block them with a banner that reads “We are breaking the law!” traffic in at least 26 cities.

Supporters of the last generation use masks from government politicians throughout Germany to draw attention to the Scholz government's breach of the Climate Protection Act. Sit-ins are currently taking place in Berlin, Braunschweig, Dresden, Freiburg, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg, Potsdam and Ulm, among others. More cities will follow throughout the day.

Silvia Klesz (57), speaker of the Last Generation, explains: “With our peaceful sit-in today we ask the question: What should we be outraged about? About a government that breaks its own laws or about peaceful protest by citizens who won't just accept this breaking of the law?"

Courts differ on whether the Last Generation roadblocks are illegal or not. The Berlin Regional Court recently ruled that one of the road blockades was justified. Two weeks ago, five Last Generation supporters became supporters in Leipzig acquitted of coercion for a sit-in.

But what is undisputed is that the federal government is breaking its own climate protection law. According to Section 8 KSG, the Ministry of Transport must submit an immediate climate protection program by July 17.7.2023, 2, as it has once again significantly missed its COXNUMX reduction targets. [1] [2] But Minister Wissing refuses. Chancellor Scholz encourages Wissing and publicly calls on a minister to break the law. 

In doing so, Chancellor Scholz is violating the principle of the rule of law, again Scientific Service of the Bundestag sets out"The primacy of the law follows from the principle of the rule of law. According to this, a law cannot be made ineffective by executive expressions of will. The non-application of an effective law by the government and administration is incompatible with the rule of law principle of Article 20, Paragraph 3 of the Basic Law and the comprehensive commitment of the government and administration to the law. "

Scholz and Wissing block Ebertstrasse in front of the Reichstag. Photo: (c) Last generation
Scholz and Wissing block Ebertstrasse in front of the Reichstag.
Photo: (c) Last generation

Meanwhile, Vice Chancellor Habeck is in the process of changing the current law in such a way that Minister Wissing's breach of the law is covered up. Whether this planned change to the law is constitutional is controversial.

According to Section 9 KSG, the federal government needs a long-term strategy on how to meet its 2030 climate protection goals. Now the Vice Chancellor publicly announced that the government will not meet the targets – and thereby breaking the law.

Carla Rochel, Speaker:in the last generation on this: “The federal government is breaking the law and leading our society to collapse. It is our democratic duty to resist this peacefully. We call for the establishment of a social council that, based on the constitution, will help the federal government comply with the law. "

In Freiburg, too, representatives of the federal government are breaking the law and the constitution.
Photo: (c) Last generation.

Statements from “Scholz”, “Wissing” and “Habeck”:
The Last Generation supporters dressed as Olaf Scholz, Volker Wissing and Robert Habeck make statements on the street:

A as Olaf Scholz Disguised Last Generation supporter explains: “I know that the law requires my minister to present an emergency program, but I have publicly called on him to break the law. Now the Bundestag's research service has said that I am violating the principle of the rule of law. But I just ignore that. I'm sitting here on the street now. In doing so, I am making it clear that we as the federal government are breaking the law. "

The as Volker Wessing Disguised supporters explained: “I don't like this climate protection law at all! That's why I'm breaking it. And my chancellor supports me in breaking the law. I am very grateful to him for that. Plus, I'm so stuck on the road that I wanted to show it here today in a very practical way."

As Robert Habeck Disguised Last Generation supporter explains: ”I am currently working on changing the current law so that Minister Wissing's breach of the law is covered up. I know that we will not comply with the prescribed CO2 reductions. I'm glad that the public and the opposition are hardly outraged by this. It's all about our livelihoods. "

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