Warning colors and sit-ins on German Industry Day – fossil deals behind closed doors

Photo: Last generation

Berlin, June 19.06.2023, 11, 30:XNUMX a.m. - At this moment, supporters of the last generation are protesting at Industry Day in Berlin. They gathered for peaceful sit-ins both on the access roads and at the entrance to the venue. They had previously sprayed the entrances to the building with bright orange warning paint. On a large banner that a group of protesters are holding in front of them is the question: “Who are you doing politics for, Chancellor Scholz?” The “Parents Against the Fossil Industry” also called for protest.

The organizer of the congress is one of the largest lobby associations in Germany, the BDI. The government appears as invited speakers: Olaf Scholz, Christian Lindner and Robert Habeck.

speaker Aimee van Baalen criticized: “Chancellor Scholz makes politics for the rich and powerful. He makes politics for those who cause the climate crisis and can buy their way out of it, instead of for the roofer who still has to go up to the roof even in 42 degree heat."

According to their own statements and scientific studies, the... BDI influence on “all economically relevant legislative processes”. This often happens before relevant draft laws can be discussed in public by politicians and the media.

Or in the words of the former general manager of the BDI Ludolf von Wartenberg"As soon as our people warn us and we notice that something bigger is happening, we inform the players in the companies. In consultation with the companies, we formulate the effects on the economy and contact the leaders of the coalition or the lead minister. Sometimes you can defuse a rocket quite elegantly this way. This whole process is still taking place outside of the public eye. "

Photo: Last generation

The BDI's concern: maximizing the profits of its own members, if necessary at the expense of the general public. A budget of millions is available for this. Many of its members are among the largest CO2 emitters in Germany, such as Thyssen-Krupp. At Industry Day it becomes abundantly clear what the problem is, because climate protection is not on the agenda.

Simon Bartholdy (43) sprayed orange paint at the entrance to the event hall early in the morning at 5:20 a.m. using a fire extinguisher.

He explains: "The BDI is destroying our livelihoods, the livelihoods of my children, for profit. To me that sounds like a criminal organization. In any case, the deadly fossil deals behind closed doors are a blatant injustice that we are dragging to light here today with a bright warning color. "

Photo: Last generation

Christian Lindner and Porsche. Olaf Scholz and Wartburg. “Progress Coalition” and BDI. This government seems incapable of putting limits on the super-rich. For years, Transparency International has criticized Germany's failure to take active action against bribery of members of parliament. The European Commission criticizes that lobbies have too much influence on politics.

To ensure that our politicians no longer conclude fossil fuel deals behind closed doors in well-air-conditioned congress halls while the forests burn and crops wither outside, the Last Generation is calling for a social council.

In the social council, randomly selected citizens discuss how we can end the use of fossil raw materials by 2030. They are neither influenced by profit interests nor by political power struggles, but are advised by scientists so that a socially just plan can be created that protects society from collapse. 

"Mr. Chancellor Scholz, we hope that you support the plan. And even if we don't organize elaborate congresses, we are always available for discussionssays speaker Aimee van Baalen

Photo: Last generation

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