Phone calls tapped, emails read, location data tracked - last generation supporters monitored for months

Berlin, June 24.6.23, 9, 00:XNUMX a.m – As it became known yesterday, the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office has been specifically monitoring phone calls, email traffic and movement profiles of last generation supporters since October 2022. The press telephone, through which journalists can ask questions at any time, has apparently been tapped by the Bavarian investigative authority for months. Numerous private data on conversations, correspondence and whereabouts of several supporters of the last generation were also recorded. It is still unclear whether the monitoring will continue.

According to reports from the SZ, 13 telephone lines are affected, including that of Carla Hinrichs (26), speaker of the Last Generation. Just a few weeks ago, armed officers broke into her apartment during a house search. Now she learned that the Bavarian investigative authorities had been logging her private phone calls for months, reading her emails in real time and even tracking her whereabouts:
“I'm having a super private phone call with my mother and someone is just listening in and recording it. This is so disturbing. Why am I being persecuted? I just want our government to protect us all!”

Auch Imke Bludszuweit (22) is probably being listened to. She explains: “It is absurd and frightening the guns that are being brought out here to suppress peaceful protest. We are sounding the alarm because the government is violating the constitution and this is threatening our democracy. “I sincerely wish that nearly as many resources would be devoted to combating the catastrophe that is escalating before our eyes as to trying to silence the alarm.”

According to SZ research an investigating judge has monitored the press telephone “necessary and indispensable” - just a few weeks after the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office admitted that the content of the conversation did not go beyond what is already publicly communicated in press releases or conferences.

They want to go through the investigation “Illuminate structures”.
Since March 19.3.23, XNUMX, the structures, strategy and goals of the last generation can be clearly read in a public wiki. Supporters of the last generation stand up for their protest with name and face, appear regularly in court and face acquittals and convictions in equal measure. 

It is unclear who exactly is affected by the surveillance and to what extent. Winfried Lorenz (64) summarizes the general mood within the movement: “We all knew from the start that we had to expect strong headwinds. But we didn't realize the extent of the action against us. We are here in Germany, in the 21st century. Hard to say what's next. But what is certain is that if we don't finally change course, our society will collapse under the strain of the climate catastrophe. To prevent collapse, we will continue to take to the streets, peacefully and resolutely, accompanied by worry and fear, but also full of hope and courage.”

The Bavarian authorities have repeatedly attracted attention with questionable investigative methods and abuses of authority. For example, after the Last Generation website was blocked, they described it as a criminal organization in a “warning notice”. In doing so, the LKA disregarded constitutional principles. 

The Berlin judiciary is also currently under criticism, since from now on last generation processes should be treated separately in fast-track procedures. Lukas Theune, managing director of the Republican Lawyers' Association (RAV), speaks of “a kind of special tribunal” and an “Form of special justice”.

In the official statement of the RAV it is said, It is urgent “The impression arises that special responsibility was deliberately created for the last generation: This impression is based on the close temporal connection between the change of government, internal discussions, the simultaneous changes to the business distribution plans of the public prosecutor's office and the Tiergarten district court - as well as the fact that de facto only the Last Generation cases are covered by this change.”

Regardless of this, the last generation will continue to take their protest to the streets all over Germany next week in order to bring the federal government back to the ground of the constitution.

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