Sylt's luxury mile bathed in fire orange - Mr. Scholz, who do you do politics for?

Kampen, Sylt, June 16.06.2023, 12, 20:XNUMX p.m – On the Sylt noble mile Strönwai, also known as the whiskey mile, six supporters of the last generation mark the jewelry store Wempe and the luxury boutique Gallery Michael Meyer with orange warning paint made from fire extinguishers and a bucket. On their banners, which they hold in front of the luxury boutique at Strönwai 7, spray-painted orange themselves, it says: “Who are you doing politics for, Chancellor Scholz? And: “Art. 20a GG = protect life”

With their protest, they show how extremely dangerous the overconsumption of the super-rich is for all of us: they are among the main causes of the climate catastrophe - and the government to which the protesters are appealing must set limits on them.
In the middle of the luxury mile, three people spray the warning color of their fire extinguishers on the thatched roof and windows of the Gallery Michael Meyer boutique, which displays fashion items from luxury brands such as Gucci, Dior and Loewe.

Hendrik Frey floods the store's entrance area with a bucket of paint, which he quickly dumps out - everything has to happen quickly. Then the former reinforced concrete worker, 22, from Braunschweig, gives a passionate statement about the motivation for his participation: “My little sister was at Fridays for Future and made me aware of the extent of the climate crisis - the droughts it is already causing are driving up food prices, which is hitting poorer people and the middle class the hardest. Anyone who can shop here is endangering the lives of others with their lifestyle: The richest percent of Germans emit almost 10 times as much CO2 as average citizens. " 

Also takes part in the protest Judith Beadle, 42. With a determined look, the mother of two children explains: “I am protesting peacefully here today because I am afraid for the future of my two children and their friends. Climate collapse is real and has already happened for a long time. While 12 forest fires are raging in Germany and first Districts in Lower Saxony impose restrictions on water use, the deadly luxury life continues unhindered here on Sylt. I find this incredibly unfair and therefore demand that the so-called climate chancellor, Olaf Scholz, finally implement his campaign promises and take proper climate protection, someone who does not break the constitution.”

The protests of the last generation on Sylt are the fire alarms that point out the injustice of the climate catastrophe. Private jets, 5-star hotels, golf courses and luxury shops play no role in the lives of the average population. They are a symbol of overconsumption and waste. The longer the Chancellor refuses to end this deadly waste, the more the question arises: Mr. Scholz, who are you actually doing politics for?

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