Chancellor Scholz, who do you do politics for? – Orange warning color in Sylt luxury hotel

08.06.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX -Judith Beadle sprays the luxury bar with orange paint | Photo: Last generation
June 08.06.2023th, XNUMX - Judith Beadle sprays the luxury bar with orange paint
Photo: (c) Jonas Gehring

Sylt, June 08.06.2023th, 19, 30:XNUMX p.m – Supporters of the last generation have bathed the bar of the Sylt five-star luxury hotel Miramar in orange warning paint. 

They spread orange throwing powder into the air, which spread across the hall as a warning cloud. The cloud of color symbolizes the threatening clouds of smoke that have been shrouding the New York metropolis since yesterday. Additionally, they sprayed the bar itself with bright orange paint from prepared fire extinguishers.

The protest in the luxury hotel makes it clear where the Scholz government's previously inadequate legislation to protect the population must start - on the destructive overconsumption of the super-rich.
Over the past 30 years, the poorer two-thirds of the German population have reduced emissions the most. On the other hand, the richest one percent increased their emissions even further. More and more people are outraged by this and are now asking themselves the question: “Who do you actually do politics for, Chancellor Scholz?”

Before Judith Beadle (42) enters the hotel and covers the bar in orange paint, she explained: “A few super-rich people are fueling the catastrophe with their luxury emissions and the government is simply watching while the world around us goes up in flames. I don't want to have to watch my daughters grow into a world in which there is a fight for food and water just because a few insist on living out their luxury excesses - Mr. Scholz, protect future generations and don't let that happen! ”

Auch Hendrik Frey (22) takes part in today's protest: “We mark places and symbols of excessive overconsumption because this is exactly where the government must intervene to end the irreversible destruction of our livelihoods. Here it is just harmless color that fills the air, in New York it is choking smoke, in Canada it is a continuous inferno of flames. We cannot wait until the flames reach the rich in their luxury resorts on Sylt and persuade them to change course. The government has a duty to intervene now.”

Photo: (c) Jonas Gehring

Wealth and CO2 emissions go hand in hand. The richest one percent cause almost a fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions. That is more than the entire poorer half of the population emits.
Those who are significantly fueling the climate catastrophe through their emissions travel to Sylt by private jet and easily pay twice as much the average German monthly rent for an overnight stay in the luxury hotel Miramar.

The Last Generation demands that the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz fulfill his constitutional obligation and begin to protect our livelihoods from the overconsumption of the super-rich.

Photo: (c) Jonas Gehring

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