Golf course declared a nature reserve – What do you want to protect, Chancellor Scholz?

June 14.06.2023th, XNUMX - Supporters of the last generation are currently renaturalizing a golf course on the Budersand golf course on Sylt.

Wearing flowery clothing over their high-visibility vests, they dig up the lawn of a golf course with spades and small shovels, scatter seeds, plant seedlings and pretty flowers in the ground. They are then lovingly watered. They replace the flag of the golf hole with a green sign that says “Nature Reserve”. With a banner they point out the connection between wealth and climate collapse: “Your luxury = our water scarcity” 

Miriam Meyer (31), explains the protest like this: “New York is choking in wildfire smoke. Every year, the richest cause a thousand times as many emissions as the average German citizen. Chancellor Scholz must finally stop the wastefulness of the richest.”

“A golf course in the climate crisis is like a food fight in the middle of a famine.”, So Miriam Meyer continue.

The richest ten percent of people living in Germany alone consume as much energy as the financially weakest 40% of Germans combined. It must stop that a small part of our society lives so lavishly while the majority of society has to bear the costs. Mr. Scholz, it is your job as the self-proclaimed “climate chancellor” to put a stop to this destructive lifestyle.

Jacob Beyer, speaker of the Last Generation, explains: “The climate crisis is escalating and killing every day, but the government is completely clueless. But there is a simple instrument to counter this lack of planning - the company council. There, measures can be developed by citizens on how Germany can end the fossil fuel nightmare in a socially just manner by 2030.”

Photo: Last generation

But why exactly a golf course? Golf courses take up huge amounts of land and resources just for the luxury of a few people who can afford them.

The water consumption of a Central European 18-hole course, such as the Budersand golf course on Sylt, is 35.000 m³ per year. That's the Water consumption by over 750 Germans per year. We are heading for the fifth summer of drought in a row and in Berlin, for example, an emergency plan for water rationing is already being worked on, but Berlin's golf courses continue to use a lot of water in an uncontrolled manner. In addition, the Berlin golf course owners only pay 31 cents per cubic meter, a fraction of the usual water price of 1,69 euros.

So what do you actually want to protect, Mr. Scholz? The golf courses and private jets of a few or the livelihoods of all of us?

Photo: Last generation

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