Your private yachts – our heat collapse – “Chancellor Scholz: Finally act”

June 20.06.2023, XNUMX - Supporters of the last generation protest in the Neustadt marina in Holstein for the convening of a climate council. | Photo: Last generation
June 20.06.2023, XNUMX - Supporters of the last generation protest in the Neustadt marina in Holstein for the convening of a climate council. | Photo: Last generation

Neustadt in Holstein, June 20.06.2023, 11, 20:XNUMX a.m – The water in the harbor basin glows poison green and two yachts are brightly marked with orange paint. Banners are unfurled on the yachts that read, among other things, “Your luxury = our crop failures” and “Who are you doing politics for, Chancellor Scholz?”

Supporters of the last generation are protesting this morning in the ancora Marina marina in Neustadt on the Baltic Sea against the destructive lifestyle of the super-rich and the federal government's haphazard watching. To do this, they went on board two yachts, colored the water bright green with the help of uranine and sprayed the yachts orange using prepared fire extinguishers. Afterwards they hung banners. They wear life jackets during the protest.

Theodore Schnarr As a spokesman for the last generation, explains who the protest is aimed at: “Our questions are aimed at Chancellor Scholz: What use are their luxury yachts to the rich and their children and grandchildren when the seas have turned into a stinking, poisonous green broth? What good are their air-conditioned villas and bunkers in New Zealand if they live there in a kind of voluntary exile? Olaf Scholz, act and use courageous politics to ensure that a social council is convened that supports you in the courageous decision to stop the excessive emissions of the rich. "

The bright green color of the harbor basin warns that our seas are in danger of tipping over. If the oceans continue to warm due to global warming, they will become more acidic and increased algae growth will turn the water a poisonous green. This causes them to lose their ability to absorb CO2. This is an extremely threatening change that has deadly consequences for life on Earth. The dye used in today's protest in the harbor basin Uranine is a substance that is harmless to humans, animals and plants.

The ancora Marina marina is the largest private marina on the Baltic Sea with 1440 berths. A superyacht causes more CO2 than 600 average German citizens. Furthermore, the tradesman who fills up his van pays a CO² tax, Not owners of a superyacht.

"While in Germany there is discussion about water rationing and first municipalities had to restrict the water consumption of their citizens, while In India, dozens of people are already dying from extremely high temperatures and also We can expect thousands of heat deaths, the rich party continues. We ask ourselves, who are you actually doing politics for, Mr. Scholz?” Regina explains to Stephan why she is taking part in the protest. She is studying medicine and also works in an intensive care unit. 

She goes on to say: “While poor and middle-class neighborhoods overheat, the super-rich can shelter in their air-conditioned villas and yachts. So many lives could be saved if the government finally acts now. " 

The federal government's climate protection efforts are completely inadequate and socially unfair. In the Society Council we can find a fair solution that is good for the vast majority of the population. Parliament and the government should then decide on the Societal Council coordinate the measures developed.

Photo: Last generation

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