Investigation success at States GeneralAttorney - Three-month-old SZ article provides crucial information

This morning, supporters of the last generation have posters with their investigation results into the alleged criminal organization.Last Generation” stuck to the wall of the Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The ten men and women had become aware that the Bavarian judiciary was having last-generation telephones tapped in order to “conspiratorial” to reveal the structure of the peaceful protest movement. According to the file, among other things, a group of as yet unidentified backers are to be identified who make strategic decisions - the so-called core group.

As righteous and concerned citizens, the ten people did not want to keep the justice system in the dark.

On the posters they summarized their extremely difficult and complicated investigations. The poster shows that a Google search with the terms “Core group" and "Last Generation” the identities could be determined in just a few seconds. It leads to an article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung from March 09th, in which all members of the core group are named by their full names. The last generation provided this information in response to SZ's request. 

The posters also show that the complete structure of the last generation is disclosed on the in-house wiki - accessible to anyone with just a few clicks.

Lars Werner is part of the core group that is being searched for so laboriously. A manhunt that swallows thousands of euros of tax money. Today he wanted to use the posters to help stop the investigation since everything worth knowing is already available to the public.

Photo: Last generation

"I'm not sure whether the public prosecutor's office in Munich might not get the Süddeutsche, but it says who these ominous puppet masters of the last generation are. The authorities are so overloaded that things can slip through the cracks. We're happy to help!” said Lars Werner understanding on site.

So that there can be no confusion, a revealing, so-called “selfie” of the six members of the core group pasted on the posters.

Judith Beadle hopes that the judiciary will now finally start investigating the powerful structures in our society that are destroying our livelihood:

"I am very pleased that we were able to provide the judiciary with crucial help today in their complex investigations. Now she can finally check whether the real criminal organizations are not actually those who knowingly destroy our livelihoods every day and slow down the necessary transformation in order to become a little bit richer."

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