Marburg supports demands of the last generation - SPD mayor sends letter to Olaf Scholz

Last generation in discussions with the city of Marburg (Mayor Dr. Thomas Spies; middle)

Marburg, March 06.03.2023, XNUMX – After Hanover and TĂĽbingen, the university town of Marburg is now the third city to publicly support the demands of the last generation. In a letter to Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the parliamentary group leaders in the German Bundestag Mayor dr Thomas Spies expressed his support for the demands of the Last Generation.

Recently there have been several protests in Marburg. The mayor's letter is the result of discussions that mayor Spies held last Friday together with his speaker Philipp Höhn and representatives of the last generation. 

"I support the call for a citizens' council in which representative and randomly selected citizens discuss the question of how we can achieve zero emissions in Germany by 2030.” writes Spies in his letter.

He also agrees with the demand for a nationwide permanent €9 ticket “emphatically" on.

The mayor explains why he considers it necessary to address this letter to federal politicians as follows: “Many people are concerned that this [missing climate neutrality by 2030] threatens to reach tipping points in climate change that threaten their existence. I am regularly approached by citizens of all ages [...] who therefore have serious concerns about our future and the future of their children and grandchildren."

Spies makes it clear that he expects a response to his letter.

Solvig Schinköthe (43), speaker of the Last Generation and mother of four children, about the successful discussions: “We are very pleased that, after Hanover and Tübingen, our protest has now also been crowned with success in Marburg."

Solvig Schinköthe | Photo: Marlene Charlotte Limburg
Solvig Schinköthe
Photo: Marlene Charlotte Limburg

"The fact that within such a short period of time demands from three cities for a society council for zero emissions by 2030 have been received by federal politicians also shows how broad the support for such a society council is in the country. We are now pleased to be able to announce an end to the protests in Marburg and, like the mayor, are looking forward to the Chancellor's response.“, continues Schinköthe.

The Last Generation has agreed with the city of Marburg not to hold any further protests in the city area.

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