Cold shower for Volker Wissing – This ministry is ruining our future!

Berlin, June 07.03.2023, 09, 30:XNUMX a.m - Supporters of the last generation have today in protest against the policies of FDP Minister Wissing - which according to the scientific service of the Bundestag is illegal – gave the Department of Transportation a cold shower. They adapted the size of the device used to the wave of indignation that is currently rising in front of the Transport Minister from all over Europe. With an entire fire truck full of water, they asked Volker Wissing to finally come to his senses.

Jacob Beyer, Speaker of the Last Generation: “FDP Minister Wissing tramples on the law. He is demonstrably breaking the climate protection law and is now blocking climate protection for the whole of Europe. Climate protection has constitutional status and the FDP's blockade stance is putting all of our fundamental rights at risk."

Jakob Beyer | Photo: (c) Tenzin Heatherbell
Jacob Beyer
Photo: (c) Tenzin Heatherbell

Because Germany has been unable to comply with the emission values ​​set out in the Climate Protection Act in recent years, all affected ministries were obliged to present an immediate program to counteract this. The immediate program presented by Volker Wissing failed to meet the legally binding requirements so badly that its own expert council canceled the examination and described it as “already lacking sufficient standards”.. The Bundestag's scientific service also recently found in its audit that the transport minister was breaking the climate protection law.

Measures such as a 100 km/h speed limit on motorways and a permanent €9 ticket are available as cost-effective and quickly implemented measures.

Photo: (c) Jonas Gehring
Photo: (c) Jonas Gehring

Speaker, Jacob Beyer For this: "Wissing categorically refuses to implement climate protection laws passed by the Bundestag - and thus to protect fundamental rights such as freedom, health and life. If you consider that both a speed limit and a €9 ticket are enjoyed by majorities in the population, this raises the question of who Volker Wissing is actually doing politics for here. For a majority of the population or for a wealthy few?"

At the international level, the transport minister is currently blocking climate protection for the whole of Europe. With his change of heart to phase out combustion engines by 2035 at the very last second he embarrasses Germany internationally. The FDP wants to stick to inefficient, outdated technology, Although even the major car manufacturers such as Mercedes, VW and Audi had spoken out in favor of a ban on combustion enginesto create investment security.

Photo: (c) Tenzin Heatherbell

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