Healthcare workers block Berlin traffic – “Our job is to save lives”

10.02.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX - Four protesting people from the healthcare system in front of Berlin's main train station. (c) Last generation.
February 10.02.2023, XNUMX - Four protesting people from the healthcare system in front of Berlin's main train station.
(c) Last generation.

Berlin, June 10.01.2023, 11, 30:XNUMX a.m – People from the healthcare sector are pointing out the catastrophic health consequences of the climate catastrophe with a traffic blockade in Berlin. They are sitting on the road in their uniforms and some of them have stuck themselves to it with superglue. The words: “We are your rescue lane” and “Our job is to save lives” are emblazoned on two banners.

going (25) is a medical student. She explains why she is taking part in today's protest: “I am studying medicine because I want to help people get and stay healthy. The government is making this task massively more difficult and almost impossible by fueling the climate catastrophe. Your current policies will cost millions of lives. Knowing this, I can’t continue to sit quietly in the lecture hall.”

She further explains: “Our mission is to keep people healthy. In a 2-3 degree hotter world that we are hurtling towards, this will become increasingly difficult to achieve. Countless heat deaths, the spread of tropical diseases to our latitudes, water shortages and food insecurity due to long-lasting droughts - we can now prevent all of these horrors. Once the climate tipping points have been passed, there is no medicine that can cure the climate system.”

Christopher Sappok, who also sprayed paint on the RWE facade today, emphasizes: “The government is failing to free itself from the stranglehold of fossil fuel corporations as collapse draws ever closer. The greed and lies of the richest 1% must no longer be placed above science and the common good for a second. To ensure our survival, we need an effective democracy: we need a social council!”

Theodore Schnarr, speaker of the Last Generation, shows a way out: “We are still on course for a health emergency of previously unknown proportions. Since our government lacks the will and courage to urgently change course, we are calling for a society council to be convened as a random meeting to develop the next steps towards zero emissions by 2030.”

The WHO report on COP26 states: “Burning fossil fuels is killing us. Climate change is the biggest Health threat to humanity. "
The committed people sitting on the streets today can no longer accept this danger and are calling on their colleagues and fellow human beings to stand together against the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of this century.

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