Climate highway into climate hell – exit to A100 paralyzed

Winfried Lorenz protests against the climate highway
Photo: (c) Jonas

Berlin, June 13.02.2023, 16, 30:XNUMX a.m – Citizens of the last generation gathered today on an exit from the Berlin A100 city highway and stuck it together. They are directly protesting against the highway plans of the FDP and CDU. These want in times of climate emergency and during that Ministry of Transport with Breaking the law and refusal to work makes headlines, stick to the nationwide motorway expansion.

There is even an adventurous attempt to reinterpret the word. If the CDU Berlin is to be believed, the A100 will soon become one “Climate highway”.

The reality: But more roads mean more car and truck traffic, more traffic jams and more emissions. Also quite independent of the drive technology. Because an e-SUV takes up just as much space on the road, just as much parking space and huge quantities Energy and resources in manufacturing. And so he uses just as much cement for infrastructure, causes surfaces to be sealed, etc. - all of this also kills the climate!

Photo: (c) Jonas

Winfried Lorenz explains his protest while stuck on the A100 exit: “100 km/h on motorways, a 9 euro ticket and a real shift in traffic away from cars - purely out of self-interest for our own survival, this should be our minimum goal. Instead, Volker Wissing's new motto is 'On the climate highway to climate hell'. The FDP and CDU cling to traffic concepts from the last millennium like a drowning man to his lifebuoy. It is now time to boldly look forward instead of always looking back. If the parties cannot agree on this, perhaps a company council should help them. "

Winfried Lorenz | Photo: (c) Marlene Charlotte
Winfried Lorenz
Photo: (c) Marlene Charlotte

Der aktuelle Traffic route plan was created before the Climate Protection Act and continues to focus on promoting traffic on the roads and building new motorways instead of initiating a traffic turnaround.

The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned with drastic words at COP27: “We are on the highway to climate hell with our foot on the accelerator. "

As the last generation before the tipping points, we are currently protesting across Germany for the introduction of a social council on the question of how Germany can achieve zero emissions by 2030. The climate collapse of our societies can only be prevented with drastic measures. These should be developed by citizens for citizens.

More peaceful traffic blockades took place today, so far in Leipzig and Marburg. In total, similar protests and blockades have taken place in over 06.02.2023 German cities since February 20, XNUMX.

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