Hanover supports last generation – Mayor sends letter to Bundestag

Hanover, November 24.02.2023th, XNUMX – The mayor of the Lower Saxony state capital of Hanover, Belit Onay, has now addressed the parliamentary group leaders in the German Bundestag in a public statement after discussions with representatives of the last generation. In this he emphasizes “an agreement that the climate crisis […] acutely endangers the existence of humanity”. He “share the assessment of science and the last generation that the current measures are not enough” and calls on the Bundestag to discuss and implement the demands of the last generation. The speed limit, the €9 ticket and the social council are explicitly mentioned.

Theodor Schnarr (32), spokesman for the Last Generation, classifies this statement today as follows: “Civil resistance has once again been crowned with success. If the federal government were to approach the existential threat of climate collapse with the same common sense as the city of Hanover, we would be a big step further in protecting the population.” 

As part of the protests in Hanover that have been going on for several weeks, talks took place on Tuesday between representatives of the city and representatives of the last generation. Now that these have been successful, the Last Generation will completely stop the initially suspended protests in Hanover. This is what the city and the last generation agreed on, as can be seen from the city's statement.

“We call on all mayors to start discussions following Hanover’s example!”, Schnarr continues to appeal.

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