Suspension of protests in Hanover due to negotiations

February 21.02.2023, XNUMX - Supporters of the Last Generation interrupt the meeting in the Hanover Region House.

Hanover, February 21.02.2023, 20, 00:XNUMX p.m – After there have been increasing protests in the state capital of Lower Saxony, Hanover, in recent weeks, discussions took place today with representatives of the last generation. The city signaled the possibility of support and cooperation in the future and will prepare a statement on the group's goals in the next 48 hours. It was agreed to suspend the protests within these two days.

City representatives who took part in the discussions included Mayor Belit Onay, Head of the Economics and Environment Department Anja Ritschel, Council Chairwoman Uta Engelhardt and Bundestag member Swantje Michaelsen. Lea Bonasera, Nadja Flachmann and Lena Schiller were present as representatives of the last generation before the tipping points.

Nadia Flachmann (Last generation) appears to be in a positive mood after the discussions: 
"The urgency of action in the crisis as well as the goal of preventing the tipping point from being exceeded and maximally reducing the climate crisis are the common denominators of the participants. Mayor Onay signaled his willingness to cooperate and support."

The city of Hanover would now like to publicly position itself on the goals of the last generation. The Last Generation calls on the federal government to convene a society council on the question of how Germany can achieve zero emissions by 2030 and to implement the resulting measures in a binding manner. 

The state capital Hanover could be the first city in Germany to publicly support the goals of the last generation. The group had called on all cities in the Federal Republic to do so and offered to permanently suspend the protests in each city if they supported it.

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