Call to the Bundestag pasted - letter from Hanover's mayor calls on federal policy to protect human existence

February 28.02.2023, XNUMX - Supporters of the last generation remind the Bundestag of the letter from the mayor of Hanover.
February 28.02.2023, XNUMX - Supporters of the last generation remind the Bundestag of the letter from the mayor of Hanover.

Berlin, June 28.2.2023, 10, 00:XNUMX a.m – Supporters of the last generation before the tipping points personally delivered the letter from the Mayor of Hanover to its recipients in federal politics today. They used paste to stick Belit Onay's poster-sized letter to the north entrance of the Bundestag and distributed it in A4 format to members of parliament and visitors. 

Last week, after discussions with representatives of the last generation, the mayor of the Lower Saxony state capital Hanover addressed the parliamentary group leaders in the German Bundestag in a public statement. 

"In the discussions there was agreement that the climate crisis acutely endangers the existence of humanity, its health, its security and its nutrition […]" and "If the temperature continues to rise at the current rate, important tipping points will be reached as early as 2030 […]", Splits Confirmation in his broadcast and, against this background, calls on federal politicians to discuss and implement the demands of the last generation.

Julian, mathematics lessons from Berlin, who attached Onay's letter to the facade, explains: “With the mayor of Hanover, a major German city is supporting the demands of the last generation. Today we are bringing Hanover's public appeal to the members of the Bundestag with the necessary urgency."

The first dramatic harbingers of the looming climate catastrophe have long since reached Europe. In the middle of winter, droughts in France and Italy are causing reservoirs to run dry, endangering drinking water supplies and this year's harvests. But instead of pulling the emergency brake, the heads of government are continuing their deadly course. The French Climate Minister Christophe Béchu seems to be resigned to this negligent inaction. In a press conference he said that we now have to prepare for a life with 4 degrees plus.

Stefan Rahmstorf, renowned climate researcher at PIK, made it clear on Twitter: “No government will be able to protect its citizens in a world that is 4 degrees warmer. That's the reality."

The Last Generation Before the Tipping Points appeals to the federal government to fulfill its duty to the constitution and the population:
Prevent the complete destruction of our livelihoods and the billions of suffering that comes with it. Difficult decisions lie ahead. Let citizens have a direct say in this process in order to create the necessary trust. Convene a company council with the task of developing measures for zero emissions by 2030 in Germany.

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