Taped in court – “We need to talk about the climate emergency”

February 23.02.2023, XNUMX - Henning Jeschke stuck to the dock.
February 23.02.2023, XNUMX - Henning Jeschke stuck to the dock.

Berlin, June 23.02.23, 13, 15:XNUMX a.m – Today Henning Jeschke (23), co-founder of the Last Generation, stuck himself to the dock table with superglue during his court hearing. Ten minutes after the start, he interrupted the second day of his sixth trial, in which he is accused, among other things, of resisting during several peaceful road blockades.

Explained before the start of the negotiation Jeschke: "I'm sorry that I'm doing this now, but I can't help it. I want us to maintain the rule of law. You don't want to hear it in this room, but: We need to talk about the climate emergency. The richest one percent are fueling the catastrophe for nothing but quick profit – fully aware of the deadly consequences. We must bring the real criminals to justice."

In previous proceedings, the judges have not dealt with the reality of the climate crisis, against the background of which the Last Generation protest is taking place. Applications for evidence that climate scientists or protest researchers invite, for example to assess the effectiveness of the protest, will be rejected.

In past judgments against Jeschke, however, it was said that the aim pursued was a noble goal, but the means were not appropriate and therefore a condemnation had to be made. The judges’ personal political opinions are regularly expressed here. Almost all judges shy away from properly examining all the relevant circumstances of the case.

On the first day of the trial at the beginning of February, the responsible person Magistrate Jacobs warned of an “eco-dictatorship” even before the evidence was taken and remarked after Jeschke’s statement: “The courtroom is not the right forum for their position.” The defendant wanted to use a small group to force his position on the majority of the population. He – the judge continued – clearly believes that he has owned the truth. But he should rather retreat into a quiet room and reflect - far away from his like-minded people.

Henning Jeschke recently came across evidence that Judge Jacobs had already shared documents from the public prosecutor's office in the court's internal chats at the end of last year - possibly as a "sentencing aid" for other judges. However, a motion to dismiss due to bias on the part of the judge was dismissed.

February 23.02.2023, XNUMX - Henning Jeschke is escorted out of the courtroom by judicial officers with the table to which he was stuck.

Emphasized in the hearing room Jeschke: "We must respect the right to life. While I am being condemned for this demand, some corporations that should actually be here are freely continuing to destroy the climate and thus society. The rich continue to drill for oil and build bunkers. They know about the suffering and death. We have all known this for decades. And it continues.
Vegetables have been rationed in England since yesterday - in rich Europe. We won't have anything to eat anymore either.

Due to crop failures in export countries in southern Europe and North Africa caused by extreme weather events, Several British supermarket chains are currently rationing vegetables. Global warming is one of the strongest drivers of hunger. Droughts and extreme weather are causing unprecedented food shortages in all regions of the world.
Today, over 3,3 billion people around the world already live in areas at great risk from global overheating. Reports of impending climate chaos assume that the annual average Crop losses will be a third by 2050 the harvest can be.

Henning Jeschke emphasizes: “Here it is pretended that none of this is relevant to the case. We have to talk about this. It's time for the courts to do a proper review."

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