Traffic court day interrupted - violation of the law by Wissing and the government must be stopped

January 27.01.2023, XNUMX - Maria Hess interrupts the German traffic court day.

The German Traffic Court Conference is an annual conference for road traffic law. It has nationwide relevance because its Recommendations are often taken into account in politics when drafting laws and regulations.

Maria Hess stood in front of the lectern today and appealed to those present: “They are also part of this society that is racing towards climate catastrophe. Use your influence on politics! Call on the Minister of Transport to set speed limits for motorways, country roads and towns. Call on politicians to curb car traffic. Demand a real transport transition!”

The transport sector is one of the largest German CO2 emitters and therefore a driver of the climate catastrophe. The responsible ministry is not complying with the legal obligation to reduce emissions and will once again miss the already low targets by 2022 million tons of CO11 in 2. [1][2] Even the simplest free measures, such as the introduction of a speed limit on German motorways, are not being implemented.

According to the study recently presented by the Federal Environment Agency, speed limits as an immediate measure would even be implemented every year Much more CO2 savings are possible than previously thought: 6,7 million tons of CO2 annually, alone on the motorways, with a speed reduction of just 120 km/h.

Not using this savings potential is a criminal policy failure at the expense of future generations and contradicts the requirement of our constitution to protect the natural basis of life for future generations (Article 20a GG). The largest environmental association in Germany – BUND – no longer wants to accept this violation of the law by Volker Wissing filed a lawsuit against it three days ago.

The Last Generation calls on the government to return to the ground of the constitution and invites everyone to work together to protect our fundamental rights.

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