Statement on threatening letters in the name of the Last Generation

Berlin, December 2nd, 2022 15:15 p.m. – A family in Delmenhorst has received a threatening letter from unknown people in the past few days according to some media reports, sent on behalf of the Last Generation have. Of course the threatening letter does NOT come from the Last Generation.

We direct our peaceful resistance to the federal government, not to private individuals. In the values ​​published on our website Last generation we are clearly committed to non-violence.

On the website our values ​​under “non-violence” say:
“We are absolutely non-violent in our behavior and in our language. We appear calm and respectful, but determined and steadfast. We avoid blame and insults and we don’t parade people around.”
Our values ​​make it clear that we never appear anonymously, but rather stand with our name and face to resist the deadly business as usual.

Threatening letters violate our values ​​and are not part of a democratic debate through civil resistance. The people who sent the letter are not part of our campaign and could not become one, as recognition of our values ​​- including respectful behavior and non-violence - is a mandatory prerequisite for this.

Since our resistance is directed at the government, which has not yet taken responsibility for the climate emergency in this last week of 2022, we will continue to resist on the streets nationwide.
Even in Bavaria, where last generation people recently spent a month in prison, citizens are once again taking to the streets peacefully on Monday. In a press conference this morning we announced the location and time of the road blockade:

Joel Smith (23), said at the public press conference this morning at 10:00: “I and many others are blocking the street at Karlsplatz towards the north directly at the Stachus (East) taxi rank in Munich this Monday at 8:00 a.m. We call on everyone who does not want to accept the government's climate failure to get involved and join us. Thank you."

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