Criminal association and house searches

Statement of the last generation

It's six in the morning and eight uniformed officers are walking around the house with flashlights. At the same time, officers break the lock on the apartment of an old woman who doesn't dare open the door so early in the morning. She has a pacemaker. Her son, who usually lives with her, is currently in prison. In another city the doorbell rings and it dawns on the residents that they had the same situation two weeks ago. 
House searches. The reason: investigations into the formation of a criminal organization. 

What sounds like a crime story in which the supposedly good guys try to catch the bad guys is completely different today. 
While the state is disregarding our basic law by failing to protect the climate, the police are searching the homes of those who are trying to do everything peacefully to disclose this. 

Criminal organization: That sounds so dangerous. But what the real danger is is preferred to be swept under the table: that we are in a climate crisis. An unprecedented crisis, threatening everything, endangering all of our lives. That the plan that the federal government presented with its climate package was declared unconstitutional by the highest court. The deadline for improvement is running out and it is not clear that this government will be able to get the crisis under control. And yes: that is a violation of the law. This is unconstitutional. This is criminal.

We knew that the state would not simply accept our exposing its failures to the public every day. For a year we have seen attempts at intimidation, attempts to stop our actions, attempts to silence us. We were insulted, judged, put in prison.
This reaches a new level with the investigation into the formation of a criminal organization. 
Germany is a democracy. The prerequisite for the democratic process is the ability to assemble freely and publicly, to join together as a group and to offer resistance. If this principle is criminalized, it threatens the democratic foundations.

We recognize that people are trying to intimidate us, to scare us. And yes, of course it is scary in a way. Not just for us, but also for our friends and family we live with. The ones why many of us came into the resistance, to protect them, to guarantee them a secure future. 

The investigation into the criminal organization opens every door for the authorities to monitor us and it is precisely these opportunities that are usually the goal. Prosecutions rarely occur. The conviction rate is low. But if a court decides to lock up us peaceful people, we will bear the consequences. We stand behind everything we do with our name and our face. We know what we're doing. We know why. But isn't it absurd that peaceful people are being investigated here while the real criminals are making millions in profits and sending this country to ruin?

And now? What do you think is happening now? That we give up? That we seriously consider quitting? 
It is logged in that the first tipping points are reached. If government failure continues, we will tip over into an uninhabitable hot period. A world in which billions of people will lose everything they have, suffer and die in extreme weather events. That parts of the world are becoming uninhabitable because it is simply too hot to leave the house or grow food.

What is criminal here?

We are the very last generation before the tipping points. 

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