Is that just the top of the Christmas tree?

December 21.12.2022st, XNUMX - Christmas tree and lifting platform in front of the Brandenburg Gate.
December 21.12.2022st, XNUMX - Christmas tree and lifting platform in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin, Munich, December 21.12.2022, 9, 50:XNUMX a.m – In a last generation protest, the top of the Christmas tree at the Brandenburg Gate was sawn off. With the help of their own lifting platform, two women reached the top of the 15-meter-high Nordmann fir, which is located centrally on Pariser Platz. Using a hand saw, they separated the top two meters from the rest of the tree. A banner attached to the lift promises: That's just the top of the Christmas tree.

“So far in Germany we are only seeing the tip of the underlying catastrophe.” explained Lilly Gomez with the sawn-off top of the Christmas tree in his hand. “While the whole of Germany spends the week stocking up on the best gifts from the biggest stores, others are wondering where they will get their water to drink from after droughts and floods wiped out their crops. Climate collapse in Germany is just around the corner and the federal government is making no moves to protect us."

The climate catastrophe is an avalanche that is currently gaining momentum. Once it's started, it's almost impossible to stop it. While empty promises continue to be made, The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the frequency of extreme weather are continuously increasing. Already today Germany is warming significantly faster than the global average. If the government continues to do nothing effective, we will be overwhelmed and buried under the avalanche.

Aimee van Baalen, Speaker of the Last Generation: “We are already noticing how thin the ice we are walking on is. Any further warming creates more cracks and uncertainties. We can no longer rely on the security of our livelihoods. That’s why our peaceful resistance will not stop at Christmas and in the New Year.”

Aimee van Baalen | Photo: (c) Stefan Müller
Aimee van Baalen
Photo: (c) Stefan Müller

At the same time there are further protests Bavaria near Munich Ostbahnhof. Supporters of the last generation in Ampfingstrasse have already expressed their concern over the past few days decreed restrictions on the right to assembly disregarded. For them, it may mean spending this Christmas in a cell instead of with their family. But pretending to be normal while the state breaks its own constitution and tramples on the human rights of the young generation would be even more unbearable for them. 

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