Wolfgang Metzeler-Kick has been on hunger strike for 14 days - technical environmental protection engineer calls on the government to protect lives

Statement about my climate strike (in the form of refusing food) in the Stadelheim prison:

When it comes to climate, humanity is like a speedboat racing towards a waterfall. The longer we wait to make the inevitable U-turn, the more likely it is that the water will sweep us away - and that is deadly.

If the world had begun to pursue the necessary emissions reduction pathways (which include extraction technologies and the effective reduction of atmospheric CO2019 levels) in 2, humanity would still have had a better than 50% chance of getting away with a black eye.

Wolfgang Metzeler kick
Wolfgang Metzeler kick

After three years on the Keeling curve can be read as a clear “business as usual”, only the worst possible consequence (self-extinction of humanity within the next 100 years) can now be averted. Even if global warming is no longer possible to limit to a further 0,35°C, sea levels would rise by several meters.

In order to illustrate the criticality of the situation, I chose the only form of strike left to me in the prison in my climate strike:
I restrict the intake of food.

I will continue this form of climate strike until another form is available to me again, or until at least one of the three demands of “Unite Against Climate Failure” has been met.

Regarding the demands in detail:

  • Our government must admit failure in the climate emergency and declare that limiting global warming to 1,5°C by 2100 is no longer possible. It must show that climate tipping points have already been triggered (e.g. Thwaites Glacier) and that triggering a cascade of self-warming with fatal consequences is the most likely result when the 1,5°C mark is exceeded at the latest.
  • Our government must make a very visible commitment to canceling the financial debt of the countries most affected by global warming. How should these countries be able to spare money for climate protection if they are constantly caught in the vicious cycle of paying off debt? The industrialized countries bear the historical blame for the climate catastrophe - canceling the debt would be a first step in reparations, which Mr. Scholz completely ignored in his speech at COP27!
  • Our government must decarbonize the transport sector. A speed limit of 100 km/h and the reintroduction of the €9 ticket are necessary immediate measures.

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