Where we stand and what happens next – the last generation draws its conclusions

Five weeks of peaceful resistance.
Five weeks on the streets of Berlin and the Republic - against our government's climate failure.
We stopped traffic on the streets, brought the highways to a standstill, threw mashed potatoes on a glazed painting and paint on political buildings. 
We have daily conversations with politicians and representatives from other areas of society.
16 of us are in prison. They are in prison for freedom, democracy and prosperity. They sit there because they know that if we continue like this we will lose all of this. We can't keep going like this.

Micha Frey (24), who is currently in prison in Stadelheim, in a video statement: “If we want to prevent the end of our free society, which will come in a world of water shortages and crop failures […], then we have to resist now.”

We can already see that democratic resistance is having an impact. 
We see that we, our protests and actions against climate breakdown are being talked about everywhere: at the dinner tables of this country, in the courtrooms, on talk shows and in political committees.

But attention is not our goal. Being ignorable is necessary. But political change is what is needed in the end and what we will achieve.
This isn't a popularity contest; no attempt to convince people of our concerns - because they have long been so: there are large majorities in favor of the first security measures in the event of climate collapse: the speed limit and a 9 euro ticket. What we lack is political willingness.

The government's refusal to implement or even negotiate the will of the people threatens the existence of our civilization. Civil resistance is the most promising democratic means of convincing the federal government to live up to its democratic duty.
We remain flexible, peaceful and determined. The state can Remove ladders from sign gantries, as much as he wants – we carry on. We are also considering implementing the first security measures against climate collapse – speed limits and affordable local transport to peacefully shut down airports.

Because we believe that people want to survive. That they want to live safely and have enough to eat, including for their children. We do this on behalf of everyone.
Because we are humanity that believes in humanity. We are democracy.
And as long as there is still breath in our bodies, we will not give up.

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