Traffic disruptions in Munich and Berlin – peaceful resistance defies prison threats

The 18-year-old student Maria Braun could stay in prison for 30 days because she is peacefully resisting in Munich today.
The 18-year-old student Maria Braun could stay in prison for 30 days because she is peacefully resisting in Munich today.

Munich, Berlin, November 07.11.2022th, 9, 30:XNUMX a.m - On the main street at Munich's Stachus, supporters of the last generation are gathering again today to resist the government's life-threatening climate policy. They are determined to exercise their right to democratic protest and call on their fellow human beings to do the same – despite the threatening behavior of politicians.
Just three days ago, 13 Last Generation supporters were taken to the Stadelheim prison without a trial because they sat peacefully on the street at Stachus. Eight of them are now expected to spend 30 days in captivity. 

There are also renewed disruptions on roads in Berlin. Some of those involved are wearing black and white stripes Prisoner clothing. The signs they carry on the street say: “It’s better to lock up than talk.” In doing so, they denounce the federal government's lack of willingness to discuss initial climate security measures. 

The 18-year-old student Maria Braun is one of the supporters causing disruptions in Munich today: 
"I will not be intimidated by threats of 30 days in prison. My life and the lives of my entire generation are at stake! I can’t help but resist now.”

Mary Brown
Photo: Marlene Charlotte Limburg

"This goes out to all brave people who feel the way I do. This is our time to really make a difference. If I'm locked up, you'll have to take my place on the streets!", Maria continued. It remains to be seen how politicians and the police will deal with the student's peaceful democratic protest.

Also on the street with her was 47-year-old Wolfgang Metzler Kick, a technical environmental protection engineer and father: “My relevant specialist expertise allows me to assess the danger we are in. The world is completely out of control.
We will break the 1,5 degree limit in barely ten years. This decade will decide the future of our entire civilization. I call on all of you to peacefully resist this destruction with us!”  

Wolfgang Metzeler kick
Wolfgang Metzler Kick

In all of this, it is important for the last generation to always remain ready to talk. They invite the cabinet members of the federal government - especially Olaf Scholz, Christian Linder, Robert Habeck and Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing - on Thursday November 10th, 2022 for a conversation in Berlin a. It should be about how the federal government deals with peaceful democratic protest and about initial security measures in the event of a climate emergency. Specifically, a speed limit and a return to the €9 ticket. 

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