No pity, actions! – Last generation calls to join blockades

November 14.11.2022, XNUMX - Supporters are blocking Berlin's highways again.

Berlin, June 14.11.2022, 8, 10:XNUMX a.m - Against the federal government's deadly climate policy, the last generation is once again resolutely and peacefully blocking Berlin's highways this morning. Today's protests are also taking place against the backdrop of the Last Generation supporters imprisoned in Munich. People between the ages of 19 and 63 have been held in the Stadelheim JVA for ten days now. They, too, had peacefully resisted the federal government's unconstitutional failure in the climate emergency.

“If we take ourselves and our values ​​seriously, if we act together peacefully and decisively, we can make a future worth living possible for all people. The people who are currently in prison in Bavaria don't want any pity from society. They consciously took the risk of being locked up. What they want is for more people to take action. “We can only change the federal government’s climate course together”, So Carla Rochel, speaker of the Last Generation. 

Carla Rochel | Photo: (c) Marlene Charlotte Limburg
Carla Rochel
Photo: (c) Marlene Charlotte Limburg

Lisa Winkelmann is on the street again today. She bases her decision to join the Last Generation on the fear of a hostile future: “We are already in the middle of a catastrophe: floods – like in the Ahr Valley – and heat waves are the order of the day. Climate collapse is an absolute emergency! What are we waiting for?"

Lisa Winkelmann | Photo: (c) Stefan Müller
Lisa Winkelmann
Photo: (c) Stefan Müller

He continued: “In this alarming situation, I see it as my moral duty to take to the streets for climate protection and all of our survival. Nobody here wants to be yelled at and hit. We would stop our actions immediately if the government implemented our demands for initial climate policy measures: i.e. a speed limit of 100 km/h on motorways and the reintroduction of the 9 euro ticket. Until then, we will continue to block roads every day.”

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