Gregor Gysi represents the last generation in court – “The impending climate catastrophe endangers the survival of humanity.”

November 30.11.2022, XNUMX - Last Generation Supporters with Gregor Gysi in front of the Tiergarten District Court.
November 30.11.2022, XNUMX - Last Generation Supporters with Gregor Gysi in front of the Tiergarten District Court.

Berlin, June 30.11.2022, 15, 45:XNUMX a.m – The trial against Lukas Popp took place today at the Tiergarten district court. There were a total of nine meetings in which the Last Generation supporter was involved in 2022. In some cases, these meetings brought traffic on Berlin's highways to a standstill. In this context, the public prosecutor accused him of coercion and resistance to law enforcement officers and, on one occasion, trespassing.

Luke Popp

Pop sees it differently: “All I want is for current law to be implemented and for the federal government to fulfill its duty to protect the population from an impending climate hell. My resistance is absolutely legitimate in the face of this emergency."

The 24-year-old mechanical engineering student received support from one of Germany's most famous politicians: Dr. Gregor Gysi personally took over the defense of Popp in today's court hearing.

Gregory Gysi
Photo: © German Bundestag / Inga Haar

The long-time chairman of the Bundestag faction “DIE LINKE” and a member of the Bundestag for over 17 years on the drama of the climate emergency:

"I said it over ten years ago. It was true then and unfortunately even more true today. The impending climate catastrophe endangers the survival of humanity. The lives of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren depend on what we do now. It's about preventing mass suffering caused by flight, poverty, natural disasters and new types of war. In this question of humanity, responsibility and social balance must take the place of short-term profit interests. This is a question of human dignity and, as we all know, it is inviolable!"

Gysi further emphasizes: “It would certainly be more correct to take robust and massive action against those who destroy our livelihoods for their own profits
Lock up climate activists!

November 30.11.2022, XNUMX - Gregor Gysi (left) and Lukas Popp. Photo: @ fritz engel / archive agency zenit
November 30.11.2022, XNUMX - Gregor Gysi (left) and Lukas Popp.
Photo: @ fritz engel / archive agency zenit

For months now, more and more political voices have been loudly expressing their support for the last generation. The federal government's breach of the constitution is also unacceptable for them.

The court refrains from dealing in depth with the current climate emergency. The summons of Dr. requested by Gysi Hans Joachim Schellnhuber - one of the forefathers of climate science and founding director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research - as an expert on climate issues was rejected by the judge as irrelevant. 

In his final speech, Gregor Gysi pleaded for acquittal on all charges. The public prosecutor's office had demanded a penalty of 110 daily rates. The judge ultimately decided on a sentence of 90 daily rates. Since Gysi announced that he would take legal action, the last word may not have been spoken yet. 

For Luke Popp It's not the sentence that matters, because he's already dismayed by the trial itself: "I don't understand why people like me, who protest for necessary climate protection measures, are on trial and not politicians who do not comply with constitutional goals. My little siblings have the right to a secure future! The government is destroying this future before all of our eyes."

Popp would like to thank Gregor Gysi for his support and for the broad support he received for his actions from large parts of politics, art, culture and civil society.

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