Prison verdicts in Munich and false criticism of the accident: The last generation demands correction and discussion with the federal government

Dear Sir or Madam,

As already indicated by Justice Minister Marco Buschmann, the course against the peaceful road disruptions of the last generation is becoming more severe.

Several resisters now have to spend time in prison until December 2nd by order of the Munich District Court. Yesterday, Thursday, they blocked the Stachus in Munich and were taken into custody. In total they should now live in a cell for 30 days.

An open letter from Nuremberg Jesuit priest Jörg Alt to the Bavarian state parliament had already criticized last week's decision to lock scientists in Munich prison after their protest.

Since Monday, the allegations against the last generation regarding the accident involving a cyclist in Berlin have not stopped. High-ranking politicians from the traffic light parties also commented and blamed the “Last Generation” resistance campaign for the woman’s death:

“The First Casualty [of the Last Generation]”

“Anyone who blocks escape routes puts human lives at risk. We saw that in a terrible way in Berlin this week.”

“Protests by some groups are now doing exactly that. Endangering the lives of others and their own.”

Now it becomes clear what really happened on Monday: The climate protest had no impact on the care of the accident victim

We call on you to correct this. 

Today's Report from the Süddeutsche Zeitung quoted from one Note from the Berlin fire department the medical assessment of the case: 
“On the question of technical rescue, the emergency doctor clearly stated that she would have immediately opted for this method [vehicle drove off the person] even if other technical options such as rescue vehicles or cranes had been available.” 

According to information from the SZ, the Berlin fire department had already sent this note to its higher authority, the Berlin Senator for the Interior, on Tuesday afternoon. 
The last generation was and is always open to discussion and invites the federal government - Scholz, Lindner, Habeck - and in particular Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing Conversation on Thursday, November 10, 2022 at 10.00:XNUMX a.m. in Berlin

There must be negotiations about the first safety measures in the disaster - 100km/h on the motorway and a €9 ticket on local transport - and the associated end to the protests. 

The last generation will be available with a representative team on this day.
Society is increasingly asking itself: How much longer is the government prepared to accelerate at 250 km/h towards climate collapse and plunge society into misery?

Until a solution is found, the last generation will continue to resist on the streets.

Lea Bonasera, Marlon Profuß, Claudia Röseler
from the last generation

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