Fire alarm and Christian Lindner in handcuffs – block like the FDP

November 16.11.2022, XNUMX - Block like the FPD, supporters of the last generation think. Is that possible?
November 16.11.2022, XNUMX - Block like the FPD, supporters of the last generation think. Is that possible?

Berlin, June 16.11.2022, 8, 05:XNUMX a.m – Supporters of the last generation have Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner of the FDP symbolically arrested today. Under the motto “Block like the FDP” Citizens disrupt the morning rush hour behind Christian Lindner masks and in management outfits to denounce the Free Democrats' blockade stance in the climate emergency. The picture of Christian Lindner in handcuffs expresses the drama of the situation: The FDP's dangerous climate policy is a crime against all those who will lose their lives as a result. 

At the same time as the traffic disruptions, the fire alarm sounds at the FDP headquarters. Acted by other supporters from the last generations, it is intended to show the Free Democrats that Germany is currently in one Climate emergency located. The 1,5 degree limit can no longer be maintained. If the FDP does not immediately end its blockade against the simplest security measures, the earth's climate runs the risk of entering a spiral of tipping points, which will cause the heat to continue to rise on its own - with fatal consequences for the population.

A speaker of the last generation, Aimee van Baalen (23), explains the protest like this: “We can no longer afford the selfish behavior of a few rich and famous people. They fly over our heads in private jets, waste vital resources such as dwindling water supplies with their pools and lawn sprinklers, thereby sending all future generations into misery in the climate collapse. A party that makes politics for this clientele at the expense of the general public is no longer acceptable today!”

Aimee van Baalen | Photo: (c) Stefan Müller
Aimee van Baalen
Photo: Stefan Müller

The smallest government party is repeatedly noticed by blocking the simplest security measures against climate collapse: under Christian Lindner, a 9-euro ticket only becomes a 49-euro ticket. The Federal Finance Minister recently absurdly linked the introduction of a speed limit to an extension of the operating times of nuclear power plants. Most fatal of all, he irresponsibly clings to wishful thinking about innovation and postpones the problems into the distant future, even though according to science Now is probably the last opportunity to turn things around on the way to the deadly abyss.

“We also don’t want to spend our lives on the streets, being shouted at or beaten up by angry people and disturbing innocent people. But we know from science that maybe only us there are still two to three years leftto turn things around. This means that perhaps the next thousand generations will depend on this government.” so David Berres (45), who is sitting on the street today.

The Last Generation demands that the government finally sit down with its representatives to discuss the introduction of a speed limit and the continuation of the 9 euro ticket. As is well known, these security measures are wanted by a large majority and the first necessary step towards a future worth living. In the long term, citizens expect a fair transformation of our society into a vibrant democracy. Corporations should no longer be allowed to enrich themselves at the expense of the general public and everyone should be allowed to live on an equal footing with one another, so that both our planet and all citizens are protected by jointly decided laws.

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